Ghost Hunters

American paranormal reality television series

Ghost Hunters is a reality television series that follows The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), an organization dedicated to finding evidence of paranormal activity around the United States. The show premiered in October 2004 on the American Sci-Fi Channel.

Grant Wilson edit

  • I keep hearing like a small gasp...(elapsed time)'s you, you stupid cat; your nose whistles! Get out of here!!
  • What the frig?
  • What the fetch?
  • Well I know one thing: Tom loves Jen. (Commenting on graffiti)
  • You wanna play hide and seek? It's a great place to play.
  • It's like he's a brother.'s almost like he's a wife. (laughs)

Jason Hawes edit

  • When in doubt, get the hell out.
  • Do we gotta ask a one-winged fairy directions too, or what?
  • And Grant got viciously attacked by a snare drum.

Dave Tango edit

  • Oh. Yeah, I like it. (About a red feathered boa)
  • I'm a friend, I'm not gonna harm anyone...please don't harm me...
  • I'm not going over there man, it's right next to your butt.
  • (In an inn that used to be a brothel) Do we have any blondes in here? How 'bout redheads? We got any redheads?
  • No one wants to play with poor old Dave Tango...
  • Yeah, a French guy eats bicycles for a living. He said he likes the oily parts best.
  • I learned stuff, that doesn't mean I retained it all.
  • You touch weird things man... you touch like, weird, weird things, like weird objects and like things on the wall that you shouldn't be touching...
  • You're gonna hurt yourself some day, man. He touches things that should not be touched.
  • I drop these all the time. They're a tank.

Steve Gonsalves edit

  • I found a tiara in one of the rooms in the house, and I thought it'd be kind of funny to have Dave Tango wear it, but the funny part is that he thought it was a head lamp, and he kept wearing it as a head lamp. He even tried to turn it on, but couldn't find the button.
  • We got a long time to go, so, uh, I hope we don't get hemorrhoids. ...We sit here for ten hours straight, it's Hemorrhoid City, man.
  • We just inhaled someone's poo smell right out of the fucking tube...
  • (To Tango) Who knows with you? You're weird. You're from Jersey. You people do weird things.
  • I do have a guest bedroom, but it's being my cat.
  • (in mock-British accent) Tango, m'boy, fetch me some orange juice, my good friend.
  • (Playing with a giant nutcracker) Hello, fine sir... bring me your women and your finest buffet!
  • I'm not gonna put it in my mouth, I don't want lead poisoning, I don't want the gout or whatever it is you get...

Brian Harnois edit

  • DUDE, RUN!
  • Is there anybody that would like to play with us tonight? ...That sounded all kinds of wrong.

Other edit

  • You're always in another country, Tango. (Dustin Pari)
  • I'm perfectly fine with staying here all night, and making you completely INSANE. Just do something and we'll leave. Something big. None of this little... stupid crap. (Kris Williams)

Dialogue edit

Tango: (Handing Steve his headphones) They're nice...what's wrong with them?
Steve: Sure.
Tango: They're red.
Steve: They're pink.
Tango: You don't like red?
Steve: These aren't red.
Tango: Those are red.
Steve: It's candy apple red.
Tango: ...okay.
Steve: There's a difference, cause red is an acceptable color.

Steve: I thought it'd be funny.
Jason: It's freakin' hilarious, but is it professional? No.

Steve: (Wearing a boat costume) Tango, come steer my ship.
Tango: What do you mean 'steer your ship?'
Steve: Come play with my mast.
Tango: No!

Steve: What are you proud of picking up poo?
Tango: No, well I mean it's a manly thing to do.

(Steve is moving the jaw of a skull and talking through it)

Steve: Ayy-a Paesan-a..!
Tango: I ate-a too many meatballs..
Steve: I ate-a too many-a meat-aball!!

Steve: Ten seconds prior to that, he felt cold on his neck, on his hand, on his arm. Felt cold cold cold.
Tango: And that was ten seconds after?
Steve: Ten seconds prior.
Tango: Oh. Prior.
Steve: Prior means before.
Tango: Yeah, I know.
Steve: Okay. Just making sure.
Tango: Thanks. So it was before...
Steve: Prior means before.
Tango: I know!
Steve: Alright, I'm just making sure.
Tango: You just said that twice.
Steve: Well, there's been question as to where your education dropped off.
Tango: It never dropped off, I'm still learning.
Steve: Did you graduate?
Tango: Yeah, I graduated! Did you?
Steve: - laughing -
Tango: I learned stuff, doesn't mean I retained it all.
Steve: That's true.

Jason: Hello? Is there anyone in here?
Grant: (quietly) Yes.
Jason: Besides Grant?

Steve: (in Paddy Reilly's Irish Pub) We're big fans of Ireland. We like Lucky Charms...
Tango: No, don't say that!
Steve: We like Irish Spring…
Tango: Don’t. That’s just so bad, man.
Steve: What d’you mean?
Tango: That's so American of you.
Steve: We hate soccer.
Tango: Well, that’s true.
Steve: We like castles.
Tango: That’s true.
Steve: We like leprechauns. We know that there is gold at the end of every rainbow.


Steve: What else is Irish?

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