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Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

video game

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (renamed Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko for the Game Boy Color version) is the last in the trilogy of Gex video games. Below is a list of quotes from the game, many of which are references to a certain aspect of television culture.



When hitting enemies, eating flies or getting hit

  • Good, good, good!
  • What's for dinner?
  • A McFly meal for me, please!
  • (singing) Another bug in the gut.
  • I'm a sucker for bugs!
  • Let's get it on.
  • I know what you're thinkin': it's TAIL TIME!
  • Taste my tail!
  • Lock and load, little lizard!
  • SOMEBODY'S gotta do it!
  • That is one powerful piece of machinery!
  • My tail doesn't like you!
  • I am the GREATEST!
  • Now cut that out!
  • Karate chop!
  • Shee-whack!
  • My tail says "hello!"
  • How do ya like me NOW?!
  • Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Mmm- TVs instead of potatoes!
  • Ahh, I'm getting a little turkey-neck.

When entering a level

  • Lock and load.
  • Lock and load, little lizard!
  • It's tail tiiiiime!
  • Let's get it on!

Holiday Broadcasting - Totally Scrooged

  • The ice planet Hoth. The Rebels are there.
  • I'm freezing my tail off here...
  • Cold blood, cold weather. Bad combination!
  • I feel like the freshmaker!
  • And a-one, and a-two, you're a candy cane and dancing!
  • We've knocked down the generator Lord Vader, you may start your landing.
  • I wanna lick it, but my tongue'll get stuck!
  • (imitating an old man) Where's that Wonka man?!?
  • (imitating Jack Skellington) Christmas Town? I'm Jack Gexxington from Halloween Town.
  • Oh, Hermie, I wanna be a dentist.
  • Note to self: don't lick any flagpoles.
  • Dancing candy canes. How fruity.
  • Colder than a witch's thing in a brass whatchamacallit.
  • Colder than a supermodel's stare at an all-you-can-eat buffet!
  • Luckily, I'm wearing my performance fleece.
  • Donner party, for twenty. Donner party, for twenty.
  • My favorite holiday, Halloween.
  • This place is colder than Eva Gabor's wig fridge.
  • (imitating Johnny Carson) It's like the inside of Santa's head - after an eggnog bender!
  • Somebody tell Jackie Brown I found her hat!
  • They're sweet! They're minty! They mambo!
  • (when fighting the evil Santa) If you're Santa, then I'm a 6 foot tall lizard-- wait a minute...
  • Mr. Wonka! Veruca stole a gobstopper!
  • (as Captain Picard) Number One, program the Holodeck for something WARM!
  • (Again, as Picard) My nipples feel like snowpeas! Make it warm, Number One!
  • This outfit is snug in all the wrong places, prrr....
  • I'll show you who's naughty and who's nice!
  • My Name is Daryl, this is my other brother, Daryl
  • (singing) I'm the ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by...

In the snowboard part of this level Gex can say the following:

  • (sarcastic voice) Oh, great, another snowboarding game.
  • Where's the handbrake on this thing?
  • Check me out, I'm EXTREEEME!
  • Hey! I'm snowboarding here!
  • WARNING, yellow patch, WARNING!
  • (Singing) Let's go snowboardin' now, everybody's learning how!
  • (in a Staten Island accent) How can you surf, if you don't like water?
  • Weren't you on ESPN2?

Mystery TV - Clueless in Seattle

  • I feel like Lester the mo-Gexter.
  • I look like Holmes, but I feel like Columbo.
  • All this fancy stuff and no TV?! Savages!
  • Granny? Jethro? Uncle Jed?!
  • Where is Alicia Silverstone when you need a real clue?
  • This is one ritzy joint... for a video game.
  • Ah yes - the mystery of the two-brimmed hat.
  • Come play with us, Danny.
  • The evidence is overwhelming... I'm not wearing pants!
  • (with childish voice) Now I will tell you the origins of the Universe.
  • I've deduced... that my shorts are too tight... and I like it!
  • With this raincoat I make a perfect Sherlock Holmes... or a flasher.
  • With my trusty magnifying glass, I can now spend the entire day burning ants!
  • God bless the British, and their love for itchy wool!
  • (when playing bear head minigame) If these aren't fleas, I'm gonna have to buy more "special" shampoo!
  • (imitating Sean Connery) Goldfinger's Fortress, this is not!

As DracuGex, the following can also be said by Gex:

  • I'm suddenly very thirsty... for blooood...
  • The flying part's cool; the undead part sucks.
  • Very scary, 'eh kids?
  • (imiatating Count von Count) For some reason I feel like... COUNT-ING, ha, ha! One... two... three...
  • Hold the garlic.
  • Keanu Reeves ruined my movie.

Tut TV - Holy Moses!

  • Nothing that attracts the ladies more than a dirty daipy.
  • I always say - the headdress makes the man.
  • (imitating C-3PO) Well, I'm not going that way - it's much too rocky! This way is much easier!
  • (imitating Bugs Bunny) Here we are! Pismo Beach and all the clams I can eat!
  • (imitating C-3PO) A transport? I'm saved. OVER HERE!!!
  • (imitating Luke Skywalker) Uncle Owen, this R2 has a bad motivator.
  • When this level is over, I am selling this hat.
  • A headdress, a diaper, and I'm good to go.
  • (Singing) There's a place in France where the ladies where no pants!
  • (Singing) Midnight at the Oasis...
  • Dog-headed gods and the women who love them, on the next Jerry Springer!
  • This place is drier than Lynda Tripp's sauna pants!
  • I'll kidnap all the oceans of the world, Underdog!
  • Uh, is this one of those "pyramid schemes?"
  • (imitating Liberace) I wish my brother Moses was here!
  • I'm a bad man, i have poopy pants
  • If I get to meet Yul Brynner, I'll flop!

Army Channel - War Is Heck

  • You're the only one, Gex.
  • HOGAN!!! Forty days in the cooler!!
  • The Pentagon spent 25 million dollars for this one level??
  • Note to self - Don't get killed in big, loud war.
  • This was the '60s had runnin' high - of course, I've had sideburns and bellbottoms...
  • Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise.
  • (as R. Lee Ermey) Where are you from, son?...Texas!!?...HO-LY--!
  • (again, as Lee Ermey) The first word out of your filthy sewer will be "GEX"!!
  • Gooood morniiing, Menlo Park!
  • Do these boots come in red?
  • I can accessorize this! A handbag, some buttons, a bauble, a bow!
  • This helmet is gonna muss my hair....
  • Nothing like army clothes for total comfort.
  • He-hey, where's the "Flee to Cananda" level?
  • Hey, no kidding, did I miss the "Make love, not War" level?
  • (singing) War is a many-splendored thing.

Western Station - The Organ Trail

  • (as Clint Eastwood): Do you feel lucky, punk?
  • Youuu TRY IT!
  • (again, as Eastwood): Go ahead... make my lunch.
  • (with a mexican accent) I could use a siesta!
  • I can tickle?!
  • Howdy! There's some doodie.
  • There's GOLD in them there teeth!
  • Geckos gotta know his limitations.
  • Rollin' rollin' rollin', rawhide!
  • Boxcar Willie is my favorite hobo.
  • Saddle up, Hombre.
  • Extra, I'm a-fixin to rescue you.
  • I'm going to find Billy Crystal's smile.
  • Well, little's me and a donkey.

Buccaneer Program - Cutcheese Island

  • I wanna be a pirate.
  • We'll follow you, creature.
  • Iceberg, DEAD AHEAD!!
  • Crank up the Gilbert and Sullivan, dude.
  • Issac! The leado deck is filthy!
  • I get sea sick... hold the game still!
  • Extra, I'll be savin' ya any minute. Soon as I poke out me eye and saw off me leg!

Mythology Network - Mythstories

Fairytale TV - Red Riding in the Hood

Anime Channel - When Sushi Goes Bad

  • (Imitating an Alien) Take me to your lizard.
  • (Singing) I am Robot, Hear me roar.
  • What if I have to go potty?
  • Hey! I'm in George Jetson's colon!
  • (Imitating Buzz Lightyear) To infinity and, uh... Screw it.
  • Schoolgirls?! Why did it have to be schoolgirls?!
  • Extra, We're needed!
  • I'm outta here!
  • My job here is done! . . . Engage!

Gangster TV - My Three Goons

  • Time for Gex to clean up the city.
  • (Godfather-esque) I'm making them offer they can't refuse.
  • Do I amuse you? Like a clown?
  • It's like a friggin' fugazi in here!
  • Hey! Yo! My friggin' name is friggin' Donnie Brasco!
  • Play it again, Sam. DO IT!

Superhero Show - Superzeroes

In chicken costume, Gex can say the following, too:

  • Wasn't the SuperGUY costume available?
  • Who are you calling chicken?

Space Station REZ - Rez-raker


  • Don't worry, Gex, you can still save her, but my television teleporter doesn't have enough power to Rez's secret lair. You'll have to travel around the broadcast first.
  • Welcome, sir. Please come on in. Entering the training area should allow you to brush up on your skills.
  • Press the attack button to tail-whack those hideous dummies.
  • Sir, jump forward onto the paw targets.
  • To tail bounce, press jump again once in air to reach higher grounds.
  • Press crouch while running to perform a deadly karate kick.
  • Sir, it seems you can tilt your view using the shoulder buttons.
  • I do believe that it's time to start the game now.
  • Bouncing on presents seems like a good idea to me, sir.
  • Those statues look like switches to me.
  • Pressing duck once in air will cause one to glide.
  • Sir, try standing on a magnified glass icon and looking around you.
  • Fleas, sir! Ugh! Kill 10 of them beggers before time runs out!
  • Bubbles, sir. How pretty. Pop 5 of them before time runs out.
  • Hurry sir! Tail-kick 7 pool balls before time runs out.
  • Mummys and secrets - it appears that they go hand-in-hand.
  • Back in '42, we used machineguns to shoot the searchlights, sir.
  • The donkey's user manual says it can climb steep hills.
  • The donkey's a wild one, sir. It could even head butt!
  • Whoa, sir. Them treasure chests contain treasure!
  • Sir's tail and TNT barrels - always a useful combination.
  • It can be rewarding to ride the Wall of Death, but please be careful.
  • Sir, 100 fly coins in a level earns you an extra remote.
  • 25 paw coins adds an extra hit point to your health, sir.
  • Sir will be able to spend these bonus coins in the bonus games in the Gex cave.
  • If sir must eat flies, I suggest using the tounge button.
  • Dress as Hercules to push and break certain columns.
  • Oh, well done, sir.
  • That was amazing, sir! Well done.
  • Sir, this is impressing me more and more every day.
  • Tea and crumpets all round I think sir

Evil SantaEdit

  • You're on the list! (after taking damage)