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Get Smart

American comedy television series

Get Smart (1965–1970) is an American comedy TV series satirizing the secret agent genre. The series, written and created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, won seven Emmy Awards and was nominated for an additional fourteen Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards.


Season 1Edit

Mr Big [1.1]Edit

Smart: At the moment, seven Coast Guard cutters are converging on us. Would you believe it?
Mr Big: I find that hard to believe.
Smart: Hmmm . . . Would you believe six?
Mr Big: I don't think so.
Smart: How about two cops in a rowboat?

Season 5Edit

Smartacus [5.22]Edit

Smart: The old Professor Peter Peckinpah all purpose anti-personnel Peckinpah pocket pistol under the toupee trick.

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