Geovanny Vicente

political strategist, lawyer, international consultant, columnist and university professor

Geovanny Vicente Romero is a political strategist, lawyer, columnist, international consultant and university professor. He specializes in public policy and public administration, and has several years of experience in the public sector, academics,and journalism.


  • Hidden in the rainforests, deserts, and mountains of Latin America and the Caribbean lay the keys to reversing the impact of global climate change. The region claims the world’s largest single-source of oxygen, most diverse species of flora and fauna, and several Natural Wonders of the World that need our help. The next great challenge for our generation is to join together to save these precious resources that are rapidly disappearing due to the effects of rising sea levels and more extreme weather patterns.
  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Political will is what it takes to make the impossible possible. Interest and passion for meaningful change can catalyze a new world order that provides opportunity for all. Just imagine all the money the world could save from corruption, and the landmark achievements we could accomplish with the political will to distribute these funds to help reach the people who need it most.
  • Via legislation, administrative measures and public policies with a rights-based perspective, we can reverse situations of inequity. The work is monumental, urgent and difficult because we are dealing with people who are in highly vulnerable situations. The work, however, is worth it because it brings us closer to having better democracies and better societies.]

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Use of cash transfers, job creation, free education.

Nada que agradecer. La defensa de la democracia es nuestra obligación. Ustedes sigan como hasta ahora: al pie del cañon.

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