Georgios Papandreou

Prime minister of Greece (1888–1968)

Georgios Papandreou (13 February 1888 – 1 November 1968) was a Greek politician, the founder of the Papandreou political dynasty. He served three terms as prime minister of Greece (1944–1945, 1963, 1964–1965). He was also deputy prime minister from 1950–1952 and served numerous times as a cabinet minister, starting in 1923, in a political career that spanned more than five decades. He was the founder of the Center Union and father of Andreas Papandreou.

Georgios Papandreou

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  • They [the Communist Party] ask to surrender Greece. We refuse. Our aim is to subject the parties to the Nation and not the opposite.
  • He was glorified while in hiding, but vanished when he appeared in public.
    • About Georgios Grivas, leader of the EOKA's struggle in Cyprus.
    • In Andreas Papandreou: The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick, p.88

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