Georgi Plekhanov

Russian philosopher (1856–1918)

Georgi Plekhanov (29 April 185630 May 1918) was a Russian revolutionary and Marxist philosopher.

Georgi Plekhanov

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  • There is no historical fact that did not owe its origin to social economics; but it is no less true to say that there is no historical fact that was not preceded, not accompanied, and not succeeded by a definite state of consciousness.
    • The Materialist Conception of History, 1891, Ch. 6.
  • Children like to work, and are always eager to imitate the work of adults.
    • Utopian Socialism in the Nineteenth Century, 1913, Ch. 5.
  • People [who belong in this environment] look for a path in the heavens for the simple reason that they have lost their way on earth.
    • On the so-called religious searches in Russia, 1909, article 3 (Gospel from decadence), chapter 8, first paragraph.
      • Original: Люди, принадлежащие к этой среде, ищут пути на небо по той простой причине, что они сбились с дороги на земле.

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  • He (Lenin) had a habit of becoming passionately attached to people. His attachment to Plekhanov from whom he got so much, was typical in this respect, but it never prevented him from fighting hard against Plekhanov when he saw that Plekhanov was wrong, that his point of view harmed the cause; it did not prevent him from breaking completely with him when Plekhanov became a defencist.

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