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Georges St. Pierre

Canadian mixed martial artist

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre (born May 19, 1981), often referred to as GSP, is a French Canadian mixed martial arts fighter and former UFC Welterweight Champion.



"People often say, 'Ah, ultimate fighting is so violent,' but it's rooted in martial arts. Martial arts incarnate respect. You can't walk into a dojo and say to your sensei, 'Hey, salut tabarnac!' After every one of my fights I go and shake the hand of my opponent. I don't need to hate the other fighter to fight him well. It's a sport." [1]

"A guy, a fighter is going to tell you that, ooh, he's not nervous, that he believes in himself 100%. I think he's a liar, or I think he's just not all there. Before [you] fight, you always have some little doubt about yourself, and I think that's what keeps you sharper. So yes, I was confident, but at the same time I was worried. I think that little feeling makes me sharper and makes me stronger." - UFC 65 post fight press conference.[1]

"I am very glad you won that fight Matt, but I was not impressed by your performance and I look forward to fighting you in the near future" -To Matt Hughes at UFC 63 after Matt beat BJ Penn in the 3rd round. [2]

"...and now, everybody, I want you to listen to me. I'm going to go to my knees, like that, and ask the UFC, my next match, to give me a world title shot. Please! I want the belt so bad! Please give it to me!" -UFC 56 Post fight interview

"I knew I hurt him, because when I threw my first elbow... he said 'UGGH!'" -After fight with Sean Sherk at UFC 56, on breaking Sherk's nose.

"I fought Hughes the first time, he beat me fair and square- fairly squarely, sorry." -After fight with Sean Sherk at UFC 56, pleading for a rematch with Hughes.


"Today I'm doing boxing in the morning, tonight I'll do my sprints. Tomorrow it's jiu-jitsu in the morning, Olympic wrestling in the evening, and Friday it's Muay Thai and then techniques or swimming in the evening, something like that. Every day I've got a routine that enables me to diversify my training. In this sport the most important thing is to be as complete a fighter as possible." [1]

Personal lifeEdit

"I went to a school where it was pretty rough - I'd get my clothes stolen, my cash. And at home life was pretty hard too. I had a difficult childhood, and I'm not saying that that's why I do ultimate fighting, but it helped shape my character." [1]


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