Georges Nicholas Haddad

Lebanese bishop

Georges Nicholas Haddad (24 June 1957–) is a Lebanese prelate of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church who serves as the current bishop of the Archeparchy of Baniyas.


  • Since Vatican II, the Church tries to find a regulating matrix between the Truth of the Word and the values of freedom. The means used in this sense remain the actions undertaken by the institutions of the Churches in Lebanon, especially those that educate and dispense social and humanitarian actions. Education and assisting others being the cornerstone of all reinforcing of freedom of religion and conscience. To promote and strengthen these two parameters will be the challenge that our Churches will have to face, because all dialogue and all freedom cannot exist unless the intellectual bases it on the basic and the reflex; freedom of religion and conscience cannot proliferate unless in an educated atmosphere and without great social and financial disparities.
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