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George Lemuel Woods

American politician

George Lemuel Woods (July 30, 1832January 7, 1890) was an American lawyer, judge, and politician. A member of the Republican Party, Woods served as the Governor of Oregon from 1866 to 1870, and was then appointed Utah Territory Governor by President Ulysses S. Grant, serving from 1871 to 1875.


  • A great system of internal improvement is being inaugurated in our midst, which fostered and encouraged, as it should be, will make Oregon, in the not distant future, one of the finest and most prosperous States in the Republic.
    • George Lemuel Woods (September 1870) Governor George L. Woods - Governor's Message, 1870. Oregon State Archives, Oregon Secretary of State. Source: Message of Gov. George L. Woods to the Legislative Assembly, Fifth Regular Session, September 1870, Salem, Oregon, W.A. McPherson, State Printer, 1870.

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