George Graham

Scottish footballer (born 1944)

George Graham (born November 30, 1944, in Bargeddie, Lanarkshire) is a Scottish former football player and manager.

George Graham in 1970

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  • The goalkeeper is the jewel in the crown and getting at him should be almost impossible. It's the biggest sin in football to make him do any work.

Interview,, 14 January 2011 edit

"EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arsenal hero George Graham", 14 January 2011 09:37, accessed 17 June 2012

  • I always think in English football that it’s nice to have a combination of different types of players, so then they can all gel together.
  • In football, yeah, sometimes you get these multitalented individuals where that’s all they want to do: when the team’s got the ball, I’ll play but, when we haven’t got the ball, I’ll go and have a rest.
  • That’s the only thing I would say that I wanted from all my players: to have that philosophy of hard work when we haven’t got it and perform when we have got it.
  • I’ve always thought I’m a perfectionist – and that might not be the truth! – but you always look and see if there are any weaknesses.
  • Every time I turn on the television and hear a manager from the lower divisions, they’ve usually got a Scottish accent. I don’t know the reason for that but let’s hope it continues. I like the philosophy of Scottish managers, they’ve always got this will to win and this work ethic, which I believe in.

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