Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy

British saint

Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy MC (27 June 1883 – 8 March 1929) was an English Anglican priest and poet. He was nicknamed "Woodbine Willie" during World War I for giving Woodbine cigarettes to the soldiers he met, as well as spiritual aid to injured and dying soldiers.

Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy

Quotes edit

  • Waste of Blood, and waste of Tears
    Waste of youth's most precious years,
    Waste of ways the saints have trod,
    Waste of Glory, waste of God,
    • from Waste, in More Rough Rhymes of a Padre (1919)
  • God gave His children memory
    That in life's garden there might be
    June roses in December.
    • from Roses in December, in Songs of Faith and Doubt (1922) [1]

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