Ge Hong

4th century Chinese scholar and philosopher

Ge Hong (Chinese: 葛洪; b. 283 CE – d. 343 or 364 CE), courtesy name Zhichuan (稚川), was a Chinese linguist, Taoist practitioner, philosopher, physician, politician, and writer during the Eastern Jin dynasty.

Ge Hong.



"Embracing Simplicity" (《抱樸子》)

  • “Having the Album of the True Forms of the Five Marchmounts in your home enables you to deflect violent assault and repulse those who wish to do you harm; they themselves will suffer the calamity they seek to visit upon you.”
  • “Others do not understand how to wear the divine talismans at their belt, how to observe interdictions and precepts, how to meditate on the deities within themselves, and how to guard the True One (zheny): they can merely prevent internal ailments from arising and wind and humidity from hurting them.“
    • Baopu zi, 14.259 (Ware, 240).
  • If a noxious demon, a powerful evil entity, a mountain sprite, or a poison in the water suddenly harms them, they are dead. Some do not obtain the methods to enter the mountains and let the mountain deities bring calamities to them. Goblins and demons (yaogui) will put them to test, wild animals will wound them, poisons from pools will hit them, and snakes will bite them. There will be not one, but many prospects of death.”
    • Baopu zi, 14.259 (Ware, 240).
  • “Most of those who are ignorant of the proper method for entering mountains will meet with misfortune and mishap”.
  • “All mountains, whether large or small, have gods and spirits. If the mountain is large, the god is great; if the mountain is small, the god is minor. If someone enters the mountain possessed of no magical arts, he will certainly suffer harm”...
    • Baopu zi, 32.
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