Gauntlet II

1986 arcade video game

Gauntlet II is the 1986 sequel to the arcade game Gauntlet which was released the previous year.


  • Welcome!
  • Green Elf, your life force is running out!
  • Red Wizard needs food badly!
  • Blue Warrior is about to die!
  • Yellow Valkyrie, all your powers will be lost!
  • Someone shot the food!
  • Someone shot the potion!
  • That was a heroic effort!
  • I've not seen such bravery!
  • Try this level now...
  • Will you make it?!
  • Three! Two! One! ....just kidding!
  • Eat your food, don't shoot it!
  • <color and character> has been eating all the food lately...


  • Bwehehehehehe!
  • You can't catch me!
  • Finders keepers!

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