Gary L. Francione

American legal scholar

Gary Lawrence Francione (born May 1954) is an American legal academic well known for his writings on animal rights theory and animals and the law.

Gary Francione in 2012


  • The most important form of incremental change is the decision by the individual to become vegan. Veganism, or the eschewing of all animal products, is more than a matter of diet or lifestyle; it is a political and moral statement in which the individual accepts the principle of abolition in her own life. Veganism is the one truly abolitionist goal that we can all achieve—and we can achieve it immediately, starting with our next meal.
    • Abolition of Animal Exploitation: The Journey Will Not Begin While We Are Walking Backwards, [1]
  • There is no meaningful distinction between eating flesh and eating dairy or other animal products. Animals exploited in the dairy industry live longer than those used for meat, but they are treated worse during their lives, and they end up in the same slaughterhouse after which we consume their flesh anyway. There is probably more suffering in a glass of milk or an ice cream cone than there is in a steak.
    • Veganism: The Fundamental Principle of the Abolitionist Movement, [2]
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