Gamera vs. Gyaos

1967 film by Noriaki Yuasa

Gamera vs. Gyaos is a 1967 film about a monster that emerges from a volcano and fights Gamera, directed by Noriaki Yuasa and written by Nisan Takahashi.


Army officer: Dr. Aoki, as a zoologist what would you say the beast is? Would you say it's a bird, or is it a reptile?
Dr. Aoki: I would like to say there isn't any recorded history of it... let's just call it a monster.


  • Kojiro Hongo — Foreman Shiro Tsutsumi
  • Kichijiro Ueda — Village Headman
  • Reiko Kasahara — Eiichi's sister
  • Naoyuki Abe — Eiichi

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