Gabriel Knight

video game series

Gabriel Knight is a computer game series about Gabriel Knight, an American writer and his assistant Grace trying to figure out mysteries while watching out for their own fate. The Gabriel Knight games were written and designed by Jane Jensen.

Gabriel Knight 1

Officer Frick: Do I look like the kind of low life that would betray his sacred oath to this department?
Gabriel: How would that kind of low life look like?
Officer Frick: Like Hamburger meat if I got a hold of him.

Gabriel Knight 2

Herr Hennemann: I can tell you what he's doing right now up there in his room! He'd shut himself in the bathroom... but he isn't taking a bath.

Herr Von Agnair: Look at me, I like to eat and I like to drink. I own a butchery and a brewery, which means I like people who like to eat and drink. And if I could make it the national religion, I would.

Gabriel Knight 3

Gabriel Knight: Two lonely guys - in hats.

Gabriel Knight: Who would wear a white suit in a boat? Who would wear a white suit, period?

Gabriel Knight: Yeah, revolutions can really fuck up your long term conspiracies.

Gabriel Knight: Roxanne obviously has some... hidden treasures. But it's not 'buried' in the laundry bin.

Gabriel Knight: "Hi. I'm Mosely. D'you wanna... uh... come back to my room. Duh."

Excelsior Montreaux: Don't you think it is ironic that a grape, or even a dog or a cat should be so carefully bred, but that most humans depend on such a silly thing as love?
Gabriel: Then again, there is something to be said for spontaneity...
Excelsior Montreaux: Is there?

Gabriel: Aren't you French in this region?
Madam Girard: Well, France thinks so.

Lady Lilly Howard: And now you are thinking: How modest! How petite! And of course... I am.

Lady Lilly Howard: Am I a stone? Do I feel nothing..? Or a director, perhaps? No! An artist!

Mallory and McDougle: We're Scotts, God help you.

Franklin Mosely: Why don't you go and write some dialogue, smart ass. Get it out of your system.

John Wilkes: See that black area? What do you think? Caves right? But it's all connected. A huge Mother!

Grace Nakimura: Oh! So the radar bounces off the earth and the echo is recorded!
John Wilkes: What?
Grace Nakimura: I mean, I guess...
John Wilkes: Roit. Roit...

Vittorio Buchelli: Oh, we're just holding the international conference of spies.
Madeline Buthane: However, we already have one American present.
Grace Nakimura: Not the one you want though, huh? Well, you can't have it all.
Madeline Buthane: Bitch...!
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