Gabriel Bonnot de Mably

French philosopher, historian, and writer (1709–1785)

Gabriel Bonnot de Mably (14 March 1709 – 2 April 1785), also known as Abbé de Mably, was a French philosopher, historian, and writer.

Abbé de Mably


  • The virtues and vices of a people, at the time when any revolution happens in their government, are the measure of the liberty or slavery which they ought to expect. An heroic love for the public good, a profound reverence for the laws, a contempt of riches, and a noble haughtiness of the soul, are the only foundation of a free government; and on the contrary, indifference for the public good, a servile dread of the laws, the love of riches, and sordid grovelling sentiments are, as it were, so many chains to fetter a people in slavery.
    • Observations on the Romans, page 88 [1]
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