G. M. Syed

political leader (1904-1995)

Ghulam Murtaza Syed (Sindhi: غلام مرتضي سيد, z17 January 1904 – 25 April 1995), known as G.M Syed, was a prominent Sindhi politician, who is known for his scholarly work, passing only the constitutional resolution in favor of the establishment of Pakistan from British India's Sindh Assembly (which is now Sindh Assembly) in 1943. Later proposing ideological groundwork for separate Sindhi identity and laying the foundations of Sindhudesh movement. He is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Sindhi nationalism.


  • Do not forget also that lslamic society actually in existence is that in which the religious head is an ignorant Mullah, the spiritual head an immoral Pir, the political guide a power-intoxicated feudal landlord . ... their cry of 'Islam is in Danger' became a cloak for dark deeds and reactionary moves, complacency and tyranny. Such is the extent to which mockery can be made of Islam in these days of capitalist subterfuge and commercialized politics.
    • as quoted in Tariq Ali, Can Pakistan Survive, The Death of a State-Penguin Books Ltd (1983)
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