Günther von Kluge

German general

Günther "Hans" von Kluge (October 30, 1882August 19, 1944) was a German military leader. After Stauffenberg's attempt on Hitler's life, Kluge committed suicide, thinking that Hitler would punish him as a conspirator.

I cannot bear the reproach that I have sealed the fate of the West through faulty measures, and I have no means of defending myself. I draw a conclusion from that and am dispatching myself where already thousands of my comrades are. I have never feared death.


  • In spite of intense efforts, the moment has drawn near when this front, already so heavily strained, will break. I consider it my duty to bring these conclusions to your notice...my Fuhrer.
    • July 1944. Quoted in "Why the Allies Won" - Page 170 - by R. J. Overy - History - 1995

About Kluge

  • There are strong reasons to suspect that had Kluge not committed suicide he would have been arrested anyway.
    • Adolf Hitler to Alfred Jodl
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