Fury (1936 film)

1936 film by Fritz Lang

Fury is a 1936 film about a prisoner who barely survives a lynch mob attack and after being presumed dead, vindictively decides to frame the mob for his murder.

Directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Bartlett Cormack and Fritz Lang, based on the story "Mob Rule" by Norman Krasna.

Joe Wilson edit

  • The mob doesn't think. It has no mind of its own.
  • I'll give them a chance that they didn't give me. They will get a legal trial in a legal courtroom. They will have a legal judge and a legal defense. They will get a legal sentence and a legal death.
  • "I got you a little momentum." (He meant memento.)

Katherine Grant edit

  • [to Joe] If those people die, Joe Wilson dies too; you know that, don't you? Wherever you go, whatever you do.

Other edit

  • District Attorney: [after several witnesses have lied on the stand] I wonder if I haven't been calling the defense witnesses by mistake.

Dialogue edit

Joe Wilson: Your honor, I am Joseph Wilson.
Court Bailiff: Keep your seat!
Judge Daniel Hopkins: Go on.
Joe Wilson: I know that by coming here, I saved the lives of these 22 people, but that isn't why I'm here. I don't care anything about saving them. They're murderers. I know the law says they're not because I'm still alive, but that's not their fault. And the law doesn't know that a lot of things that were very important to me, silly things maybe, like a belief in justice, and an idea that men were civilized, and a feeling of pride that this country of mine was different from all others. The law doesn't know that those things were burned to death within me that night. I came here today for my own sake. I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't stop thinking about them with every step and every breath I took, and I didn't believe Katherine when she said... Katherine is the young lady who was going to marry me. Maybe someday after I've paid for what I did, they'll be a chance to begin again, and then maybe Katherine and I...
Katherine Grant: Joe.

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