Funke Egbemode is a Nigerian female journalist, Managing Director of the New Telegraph newspaper. She attended Baptist Practising Primary School, Iwo, Osun State. Her Secondary school education was at Baptist Girls High School, Osogbo (Osun State) She is a columnist with The Sun Newspaper. Funke served as the President of Nigerian Guild of Editors for two terms. She is currently the Commissioner for Information and Orientation in Osun State, Nigeria.

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  • Don’t get entangled with a man who is a dream killer. Marry a man who will support your career.
  • When something is good it will be counterfeited. It is only an unsuccessful product that will not have a fake.
  • We have to start taking pride in what we do and stop giving attention to those who are trying to distract us.
  • As a lawful owner and holder of the Certificate of Occupancy of your man’s assets and jewels, you reserve the right to keep your thing. But do not, I repeat, do not lose your life or yourself while trying to fend off encroachers.
  • When you get into the deep end of the marriage pool, what offers you a life jacket is not love. In fact, love can’t swim. Love is feeble bodied, delicate. Love itself needs support and protection. That is why those who go into marriage with only love as a covering soon find themselves naked.
  • That a woman chose or is chosen not just for the roses are red and her shapely shape does not mean real deep love won’t develop as the marriage grows, after all the marriages that take off on ‘plenty love’ have been known to lose the love when the vicissitudes of life show up.

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