Fumio Kishida

Prime Minister of Japan since 2021

Fumio Kishida (Japanese: 岸田 文雄; born 29 July 1957) is a Japanese politician who currently serves as the Prime Minister of Japan since 4 October 2021. He previously served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2012–2017 and 2021 and Minister of Defense in 2017.

Fumio Kishida in 2021

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  • What is Prime Minister Kishida thinking when he decides to sever ties with those who have fought at the risk of their lives to prevent Japan from leaning left since before he entered university? Wasn’t there peace in society afterward thanks to them? Has Prime Minister Kishida ever fought for Japan with the same dedication as they have? It is unavoidable to conclude that Prime Minister Kishida’s actions go against the “essence of conservatism.”
    …How can the people trust a Prime Minister who violates freedom of religion for personal protection without adequately countering attacks from opposition parties and the media? For many conservative supporters of the LDP, Prime Minister Kishida’s actions showed his weakness and, despite religious persecution for the sake of popularity, did not stop his decline in approval ratings.

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