Fuambai Ahmadu

Sierra Leonan-American anthropologist

Fuambai Sia Ahmadu is a Sierra Leonean-American anthropologist. She has worked for UNICEF and the British Medical Research Council in Gambia.

Fuambai Ahmadu

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  • There's a lot of research out there that says yes there is harm, there is risk.
    There are a hundred deaths each year from male circumcision.
    It's not a separate show.
    You're saying we're abusing girls.
    You are accepting that it is okay to perform a much more intensive or invasive procedure on boys.
    I think if we accept it, in American society, that we do remove the foreskin on boys, we do practice genital cutting here in the US on boys, that it should not be impossible to understand that there are cultures, there are societies, that practice what certain people are now calling gender-inclusive surgery.
    So it's okay to cut boys in your society?
    In our culture we don't discriminate. We have gender-egalitarian surgeries.

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