Fritz the Cat (film)

1972 film by Ralph Bakshi

Fritz the Cat is a 1972 animated film about a hypocritical swinging college student cat who raises hell in a satiric vision of various elements of the 1960's. The film was the first animated feature film to receive an X rating in the United States and Canada.

Written and directed by Ralph Bakshi. Based on the comic books by Robert Crumb.
He's X-Rated and Animated! Taglines


  • My soul is tormented! I've been up and down the four corners of this big old world! I've seen it all! I've done it all! I've fought many a good man, and laid many a good woman! I've had riches and fame and adventure...I've tasted life to the fullest, and still my soul cries out, yes, cries out in this hungry, tortured, wrecked quest: 'More!'
  • Hey, hey, hey, Look at this big fucking gun! [shoots the toilet] I killed the john! I killed the john!
  • Mother of God, I'm a fucking fugitive!
  • (Arriving back at his dorm room, where his roomates ignore him) Hello men... everybody all busy studyin' for the goddamn exams and all? Hey Fuzz, how'd it go with that Dee Dee chick, huh? She's got some bod' you have to admit, heh... ol' Charlene isn't bad either though right?... like, wow. Heinz! You swine, ol' buddy pig, ya groove behind Alvina and get some kicks tonight, huh? [laughs](Scene fades into black). Bastards... you'd think the goddamn exams were the be-all and, end-all of existence... the cosmic life-force or somethin'. Y'd think they were the frickin' fugitives. Can't even get in a few decent words to a guy... bastards... What a bore they just sit there and take bennies an' stay up all night with their face stuck in a bunch of books an' their thumb up their ass. Oh Yes, yes I remember when the time when it was all very inspiring and enlightening... all this history and literature and sociology shit... You think learning is a really big thing an' you become this big fuckin' intellectual and sit around tryin' ta out-intellectual all the other big fuckin' intellectuals... you spend years and years with your nose buried in these goddamn tomes. While the world is passin' you by... and all the stuff to see and all th' kicks an' girls are all out there... an' ME, a writer an' a poet who should be havin' adventures an' experiencing all the diversities and paradoxes and ironies of life! And passin' over all the roads of the world! An' diggin' all the cities and towns and rives... and the oceans... and making all of them chicks... (Imagines naked woman) As a writer and poet it is my duty to get out there and dig the world... to swing with the whole friggin' scene while there's still time! (Grabs paper) My farting around days are over baby! From this day on I shall live every day as if it was my last! Yeah! Yeah! I must do it! No more the dreary boring classes, the dismal lectures, the sitting around bullshitting with pretentious fat-ass hippies, no more the books, the spoutings of a bunch of old farts who think they know the whole goddamn score! (Gathers all the papers into a big pile) Ha Ha! Heh Heh. Heh.(Breathes fire) Oh my God! What have I done? (We see the roof of Fritz's dorm on fire) I've set all my notes and books and stuff on fire an' uh, now I can't study for my exams...An' I'll flunk out an' my folks'll be pissed off as hell... I-I'll get a blanket... the blanket's on fire. Man we'd better call the fire department.
  • [yelling at various cops as they chase after him] WE SHALL OVERCOME!
  • The love you give is equal to the love you get.
  • I've been up and down the four corners of this big old world. I've seen it all and I've done it all. I've fought many a good man, and I've laid many a good woman and if there's one thing I've learned it's.. it's... it's you get over here and you get down there like that an then you blondie... [Fritz starts dragging all three girls to the bed and jump and the and removed their clothes and Fritz removed the bandages Having sex with the girls]


  • Narrator: Hey, yeah - the 1960s? Happy times, Heavy times.
  • Winston #1: Why does a great actor like James Earl Jones always have to play black men?
  • Crow: [effeminate] I ain't no jive-ass black nigga, honey. Who do you think I am, Geraldine?
  • Aardvark: Ever make it with an aardvark? It's a rare opportunity, you know. We're scarce.
  • Aardvark: I'm a failure as a pot smoker.
  • Pig Cop #1: Now, you have the deeper voice so on three, you yell "Open the fucking door". Now, say the word "fucking" because you got—that makes you sound tough.
  • Ralph: [in a Synagogue; referring to the Rabbis] They all got long hair. They all got long clothes. Must be a hippie church!
  • Newscaster: We interrupt the Israel-Arab war for this special announcement! The President, after conferring with Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir, has agreed to send more arms to Israel - based on the return of New York city and Los Angeles to the United States.
  • Pig Cop #1: [in a Synagogue] You're not supposed to dance, Ralph, 'cause you're not Jewish!
  • Duke: You think being a crow is a big motherfucking ball? All you cats the same, man! You don't know where it is, and you don't have somebody to tell you where it is. You have to be where it is to find out what's happening!
  • Ralph: [attempting to keep a group of crows from tearing him and the other pig cop to pieces] Would you like to see a picture of my kids?
  • Lizard Leader: I think I'm gonna ride that goddamn whore!
  • Officer: [last lines] Eh, poor cat. He was a - he was a kind a tough kid at that, wudden he?


Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Let me call 'em preverts!
Pig Cop #1: What's a "prevert"?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): A prevert is a degenerate! Didn't you know that?
Pig Cop #1: A prevert's a degenerate?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Didn't you have no bringing up?
Pig Cop #1: I got bar mitzvahed.
[Ralph laughs]

[Fritz bumps into Duke at a pool table]
Duke: Hey, man, you in a bag?
Fritz: Yeah, that's it. I'm in a bag.
Duke: Just don't lose your coolness, cat. I mean, don't lose your coolness.
Fritz: Well, easy for you to talk. You're a crow. I wish I was a crow. If I was a crow, I'd fly away, man. I'd fly away from this miserable town for good.
Duke: You think being a crow is a big motherfucking ball? All you cats the same, man. You don't know where it is. There's nobody to tell you where it's at. And you come up here, try to find out where it's at, but you got to be up here, man, to find out what's happening!
Fritz: I know it isn't a ball, man. I studied the race problems. I know.
Duke: You don't know nothing about the race problem! You gotta be a crow to know about the race problem! You know what I mean? Do you dig where I'm at? You know what I'm talking about?
Fritz: Well, listen, man. this thing affects me very deeply, fella. As a cat, I have a considerable guilt complex, because my kind have always brought suffering on your kind.
Duke: Yeah?
Fritz: Yeah. Yes, indeed, my soul is tortured and tormented by this racial crisis.
Duke: No shit?
Fritz: Sometimes I really get hung up about it. You know, uptight. Strung out.
Duke: ln a bag?
Fritz: Yeah, in a bag.

Fritz: Revolt! Revolt! Revolt, you thick-skulled idiots! You have carried heavy burdens for the bosses! You have sweat your lives away for the bosses! The bosses! They ride around in limousines!
Crow: Get the fuck off my car!
Fritz: The Bosses! They're eating strawberries and cream!
Duke: That's funny! Cats are real boss!
[The pigs show up]
Duke: Cool it, officer. He's just blowing hot air. No one's paying no mind.
Fritz: Come the revolution, there gonna be no more limousines! Come the revolution, there gonna be no more strawberries and cream! See?!
Pig Cop #1: [laughing] Hey, Ralph, you know how these dumb kids are. They don't know what they doing.
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Fucking "A" right.
Fritz: [pointing at the pigs] There he is! He's the one who keeps the bosses in power! HE'S THE ONE WHO'S HOLDING YOU DOWN!
Pig Cop #1: Who, me?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You!
Pig Cop #1: No, no, not me, YOU!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): No You!
Pig Cop #1: No You!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You, You, You!
Pig Cop #1: Me!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Not me, YOU!
Pig Cop #1: Yeah you!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You!
Pig Cop #1: Fuck you!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): YOU FIRST!
[The crows slowly and angrily surround and close-in on the pigs]
Pig Cop #1: [to Ralph; scared] They're gonna kill us.
[As the crows inch closer, Ralph pulls out a photo of his family]
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): [to the crows; smiling nervously] Would you like to see a picture of my kids?
[One of the crows throws a glass bottle at Ralph in his left eye. Ralph starts shooting at the crows, but this only angers them even more. Pig Cop #1 gets on his knees and prays, while Ralph continues shooting frantically before the crows pounce on them and brutally kill them. Horrified, Duke watches the scene turn into chaos before rushing to Fritz.]
Duke: Come on, man! You'll get killed up here!
[Duke is suddenly shot and starts bleeding excessively as he slowly dies. His corpse collapses onto the road.]

[the car breaks down; and Fritz gets out to inspect it - he opens the trunk first]
Fritz: No, I knew that - the engine's not here, it's in the back...
[goes to look at the engine]
Winston Schwartz: What's wrong, Fritz?
Fritz: Well, it's all very complicated Winston, ah, I think it's got the piston rod stuck in the drive shaft... either that or the carburator's rusted out... or something.

Fritz: You're a motherfucking bitch!
Winston: I see the hard facts of life! I am realistic, something you're incapable of! You'd be better off with one of those stupid little morons like Charlene who you could just sleep with and throw away when you're done! You can't cope with a mature woman!

Harriet: Hi.
Fritz: How are you?
Harriet: High.

Fritz: Why'd you have to hit her so hard for?
Lizard Leader: She loved it. Listen man, me and you have been assigned to blow up the power plant. That's all I care about. The Revolution.
[She turns on the radio and Fritz turns off the radio]
Fritz: You're full of shit! All you care about is a reason to hurt, to destroy, to blow up!


  • He's X-Rated and Animated!
  • We're not rated X for nothin', baby!
  • SEE! The man eat crow! SEE! The Air Force bomb the ghetto! SEE! Fritz bite off more than he can chew! SEE! Hundreds of dirty animals!


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