Friday (1995 film)

1995 film directed by F. Gary Gray

Friday is a 1995 comedy buddy film directed by F. Gary Gray. Starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Bernie Mac, Tom Lister, Jr. and John Witherspoon, the film revolves around 16 hours in the lives of Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), who must pay $200 to a drug dealer before 10:00 p.m. on Friday night. The protagonists spend the majority of that time sitting on Craig's porch and interacting with their oddball neighbors and friends. The movie was released on the 26th of April 1995 and has since spawned 2 sequels and an animated series.


Mrs. Jones: Craig, you know what your problem is? You have no game. (winks at Dana, who laughs at him)
Craig Jones: What you know about game? I got all the game.
Mrs. Jones: Now your father, he got game.
Mr. Jones: (coming out of the bathroom) Don't nobody go in that bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes. (sniffs around) Someone open a window.
Craig Jones: You call that game?

Pastor Clever: [upon seeing Smokey rolling a joint] 'Scuse me brother. What we call drugs at 74th street Baptist church, we call a sinny-sin-sin.
Smokey: Well 'round here, between Normandine and the Western, we call this here a little twenty-twen-twen!
Craig: Well..
Smokey: Niggaaaa!
Pastor Clever: Why don't you give me a bit for my cataracts?
Smokey: You didn't put in on this, man.
Pastor Clever: It's better to give than receive, my brother.
Craig Jones: [points across the street to Mrs. Parker] Look, look, she's bendin' over!
Pastor Clever: Lord have mercy! The Lord is my shepherd, He know what I want! Excuse me, brothers. (running across the street) Mrs. Parker! Mrs. Parker!
Smokey: Told you. The weed be lettin' you know, [he holds up a pack of marajuana] where evil lurks.

Smokey: Older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
Craig Jones: Man, it's "the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice".
Smokey: Yeah, well, yeah, she blacker than a motherfucker, too.

(after hallucinating about seeing Big Worm's head in the cabinet while fetching sugar for Kool-Aid, Craig quickly shuts the cabinet door, then opens it again, and the head disappears, but Craig does not see any sugar in the cabinet. He closes the door.)
Craig Jones: (frustrated) Damn.
Smokey: What?
Craig Jones: I ain't got no sugar.
Smokey: You ain't got no sugar? Da-amn! Y'all ain't never got two things that match! Y'all got Kool-Aid, no sugar; peanut butter, no jelly; ham, no burger. Damn!

(Craig asks Smokey what they are going to do to pay back Big Worm)
Smokey: Man, that fool just playin' man. I ain't trippin'.
Craig Jones: That's your problem. Ain't nobody playin' but you. You walk up and down the street all day playin'. He ain't playin'! You think he playin' 'bout his money?! Then you went and dragged me into this! He know where my mama stay, know where your mama stay. You say he had a gun when you seen him, right?
Smokey: Yeah.
Craig Jones: Well, name one person in the hood that play like that.

(Ezal, the neighborhood crack head, is feigning a fall in a convenience store to get money)
Ezal: Aw, I'm suing y'all! Oh, I'm hurt! Oh, my neck, my back! My neck and my back! Oh! I want $150,000, but we can settle out of court right now for $20.
Janitor: Man, get your punk ass up. It ain't even wet over here. Damn.

(Smokey is talking to Big Worm on the phone, confronting him about the drive-by shooting)
Smokey: Yeah, I got your money. And I don't appreciate you sendin' your punk-ass, busta-ass, Jheri curl-wearin' ass friends to shoot at me and my homie. They'd like to got dealt with.
Big Worm: First of all, don't be callin' here like you some straight up "G", 'cause I'll cut your balls off and hand 'em to you, partner. I had to warn you too many times about my money, Smokey. You see, it's the principle of the whole thing. There's principalities in this.
Smokey: Yeah, well...I got your money anyways. And you sell that shit yourself next time, 'cause I'm goin' to rehab. I'm through with this shit. (hangs up, then lights up a joint and looks at the camera) I was just bullshittin'! And you know this, man!

Mr. Jones: Craig.
Craig: What?
Mr. Jones: Come in here.
Craig: Where you at?
Mr. Jones: In the bathroom.
(Craig enters bathroom; Mr. Jones is spraying air freshener.)
Craig: Aw, man, I'll wait until you come out.
Mr. Jones: Boy, bring your ass up in here. What you talkin' 'bout, you wait 'til I come out? I smelled your shit for 22 years; now you can smell mine for 5 minutes. Shut the door. (grunts; plopping sound) Now, your mama told me what happened to you yesterday.
Craig: What?
Mr. Jones: That was stupid. How the hell you gonna get fired on your day off?
Craig: I don't know.
Mr. Jones: [grunts; another plopping sound] Well, you need a trade. Look at that there, over there on the c-c-- [grunts] On the counter there. [groans]
Craig: I ain't trying to be no dog-catcher!
Mr. Jones: Why not?
Craig: I don't even like dogs.
Mr. Jones: That's the beauty of it. I grab a dog, and I choke him, and I kick the shit out of him. All day long, my foot up a dog's ass. Just bang-bang-bang up his ass. That's my pleasure.
Craig: No thanks.
Mr. Jones: Well, I'll tell you one thing. Round here, you go to work, you go to school. First of the month, the rent is due. If you ain't got nothin' on the table, you ain't gotta worry about catchin' a dog. You gotta worry about a dog catchin' your ass!

Smokey: 'Sup, man?
Craig: Wassup.
Smokey: Why ain't you at work?
Craig: I got fired yesterday.
Smokey: Fo' real?! I thought you had the day off yesterday.
Craig: I did. Went in there pick up my check. Came home. Supervisor called me about 4 o'clock. Talking about they got me on video tape stealing boxes.
Smokey: The fuck you doin' stealin' boxes for? What, you trying to build a clubhouse? Man, I know you didn't go out like that.
Craig: Hell, no, ain't got me on tape. But they said they did. Fired me on the spot. Talkin' about pressin' charges.
Smokey: Goddamn! You've got to be a stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off.

[Smokey is behind a bush defecating]
Ezel: Smokey, what the hell you doin' back here?!
Smokey: Hey, nothin' man. Hey, I'm fixin' somethin'. Hey, just stay over there.
Ezel: But I thought you wanted me to wash yo' car?
Smokey: Hey, man, wash it later. Stay over there.
Ezel: Smokey, you know I ain't the smartest man in the world, but from over here, it look like you takin' a shit!
Smokey: Ezel! Get the hell out of my backyard!
Ezel: Oh, it like-- Smokey, you've been eatin' corn, huh?
Smokey: Oh, get the hell out of my backyard, man!
Ezel: All right, man. But, look, between me and you, man, when you're done, I'll clean all that shit for ya for two dollars, eh!
Smokey: Hey, Ezel!
Ezel: What?
Smokey: You better not tell nobody, man.
Ezel: Man, I'm not, man.
Smokey: Keep on the down low.
Ezel: All right, I'm not like them. I'll keep it down, bro. (humming as he walks away) HEY! SMOKEY BACK HERE TAKIN' A SHIT!
Smokey: EZEL!
Ezel: Well, I ain't gonna tell nobody else. (resumes humming)

Red: Man, why y'all didn't help me?!
Smokey: Man, I'm high.
Red: Man, that's fucked up! If that were y'all, I woulda helped y'all.
Craig: What 'bout the time he tried to choke me in Smoke's backyard?
Smokey: Yeah?
Red: [thinks about it for a second] Oh, that was different.

[Craig's father catches him with a handgun]
Mr. Jones: What's that for?
Craig: Protection.
Mr. Jones: Protection? Protection from who?
Craig: Me and Smoke... I've got to walk Smokey down to his house.
Mr. Jones: Aw, man. Your mother and I never would've moved to this neighborhood if we'd known you need a gun to walk down the damn street.
Craig: You know how it is 'round here.
Mr. Jones: Oh, no, son. That's not the way it is. You kids have been nothin' but punks. Sissified. So quick to pick up a gun. Too scared to take an ass-whipping. [raises his fists] This is what makes you a man. When I was growing up, this was all the protection we needed. You win some, you lose some. But you live. You live to fight another day. Now you think you're a man with that gun in your hand, don't you?
Craig: I'm a man without it.
Mr. Jones: Put the gun down.
[Craig complies]
Mr. Jones: C'mon, put up your dukes.
[Craig raises his fists]
Mr. Jones: Now you're a man. Your uncle picked up a gun, too. He found out the hard way. 22 years old. You've got a choice. This is all you need, alright?

Smokey: [rips curtain] Break yourself, foo'!
Craig: Look what you did to my curtain! You better watch whose window you be sneaking in before you get blasted on.
Smokey: With what? You ain't got nothing, man!
Craig: [pulls out a gun and sticks it in Smokey's face] With this.
Smokey: Man, where'd you get that from?
Craig: Your mama.
Smokey: Fuck you.
Craig: Fuck you.
Smokey: Come on outside, man, and stop playing.
Craig: (laughs) gotta get dressed.
Smokey: Hurry up.
Craig: Don't tell me to hurry up.

Craig Jones: Baby, you got some money?
Joi: What? Some huh? Nigga, how much you need?
Craig Jones: About $200.
Joi: Mmm, I guess so. What you gon' give me?
Felisha: Craig. Craig.
Craig Jones: What?
Felisha: Can I borrow your VCR? I need to dub a tape.
Craig Jones: Hell, no!
Felicia: It's "The Mack!" (stays in place watching Craig talk to Joi)
Joi: Uh-uh, wait a minute! Who the fuck is that bitch? Fuck you, motherfucker! You think you slick! Gon' come over here and ask me for some money? Well, ask that bitch for some money!
[furiously drives away]

Smokey: I won! Gimme my money!
Deebo: You what?
Smokey: I lost.
Deebo: Roll the dice.
Red: Deebo.
Deebo: (hands his money for another player to hold on to) Hold my money. Watch.
Red: Can I talk to you for a second?
Smokey: Ohh, shit!
[Deebo stand up and look at Red walk slowly toward him]
Red: Pop's trippin', man. Move yo' ass from my bike back. You know I wouldn't trip.
Deebo: What bike?
Red: The beach cruiser, the one I let you use a couple o' weeks ago. The one I've been askin' you about.
Deebo: Ohh, that bike... Hey, I know that you wanted it back, homie. It's right here...
Red: Let's just say it's both ours, down at my house and prove it.
Deebo: Cool.
(Deebo grunts as he uppercut Red off his feet)
Smokey and friends: Ohh, shit! (all laugh)
[Red hits the ground]
Smokey: Goddamn! (laughs as he runs to the downed Red) You got knocked the fuck out! (laughs again)
[Red's dad got out his car to check his son]
Red's dad: No! (to Red) Get off yo' ass an' get in this car! Why, I dunno... why you come down here messing with these people. Hurry up!
[Red and his dad get back to their car]

Smokey:[Running over to the knocked out Deebo] You got knocked the fuck out, man! [searching Deebo's pockets and takes the money from his shirt pocket] Give me my goddamn money. [raising the money to a knocked out Deebo's face] Payback is a motherfucker, ain't it, nigga?
[Smokey runs off and Mr. Jones is briefly seen imitating Craig's trouncing of Deebo, much to Dana's embarrassment. Deebo is about to come to until Red shows up and knocks him out cold again.]
Red:[Removing the silver necklace off Deebo's neck] My grandmother gave me this chain.
[Red leaves as Ezal shows up]
Ezal: Deebo! Deebo! Man, you should've been bobbin and weavin'. Look at ya'. Get up! [He takes Deebo's sneakers and struggles for a bit before successfully removing them] Since you ain't, maybe I'll take these shoes! [He leaves the knife on top Deebo's chest] Big foot, motherfucker. You can have your knife too. Cause I steal, I don't kill.
[Ezal leaves with Deebo's shoes as Red rides off into the night with his reclaimed necklace and bike.]

[Smokey comes out from the backyard intending to visit Craig, when he has just seen Big Worm drive up in his 1975 Chevy Impala.]
Smokey: Damn!
[Big Worm parks his car in front of Smokey's house and lowers his car to talk to him]
Smokey: What up, Big Worm?
Big Worm: How much you got left?
Smokey: Man, I got a lot.
Big Worm: You still haven't sold that weed, Smokey?
Smokey: Man, I'm trying to, Worm. Niggas are broke these days.
Big Worm: I don't think you applying yourself, Smokey!
Smokey: Huh?
(Big Worm quickly smells Smokey and finds out he's been smoking his weed again.)
Big Worm: You smokin' my shit?
Smokey: Hell no! Fuck with your shit? Hell no!
Big Worm: You smokin' my shit? [pulls a gun closer to him]
Smokey: Now, why would I want to do shit like that?
Big Worm: I'm gonna have to fuck you up, Smokey! Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions.
Smokey: Worm! Now you the last nigga whose money I'd mess with. I steal from my mama before I mess with your shit, and you know this, man!
Big Worm: We'll see. [Drives off]
Smokey: [under his breath] Florida Evans looking motherfucker.



Chris Tucker as Smokey

Ice Cube as Craig

Tommy Lister Jr. as Deebo

Nia Long as Debbie

John Witherspoon as Mr. Jones

Anna Maria Horsford as Mrs. Jones

Regina King as Dana Jones

Paula Jai Parker as joi

Faizon Love as Big Worm

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