Freeway (1996 film)

1996 film directed by Matthew Bright

Freeway is a 1996 Matthew Bright black comedy-thriller film featuring Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland. It is an exploitation version of Little Red Riding Hood. It has a 1999 direct to video sequel known as "Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby".

Vanessa Lutz

  • Fuck you, you piece of shit.
  • Holy shit! Look who got beat with the ugly stick! Is that you, Bob? I can't believe such a teeny weeny little gun could make a big mess out of someone!
  • You're just a big, old, shitbag, ain't you, Bob? You just think of me every time you empty that motherfucking thing, MOTHERFUCKER!!!
  • My dick may not function, but I haven't lost my smile.
  • Do you want to get shot a whole bunch of times!?!
  • I'm pissed off and the whole world owes me.
  • What are you looking at? Fuck all y'all! Fuck you, chipmunk-face, and your fucking skipper wife!

Bob Wolverton

  • Put your fucking pants down, you fucking cunt!
  • Fucking bitch! I'll fucking kill you for this!
  • People like me, we don't go to the gas chamber.
  • You are a dear, Flo. Bring me chicken soup... and a fucking straw.


Vanessa: Are you the guy who's been killing all them girls on the freeway, Bob?
[Bob chuckles sadistically]
Vanessa: Why are you killing all them girls, Bob?
Bob: 'Cause I have absolutely reached my fucking limit with people like you, Vanessa.
Vanessa: What kinda people am I supposed to be?
Bob: The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the fathers who fuck their daughters, the drug addicted motherfucking whores with their bastard fucking offspring.
Vanessa: Hey, I ain't no trick baby!
Bob: We call them garbage people, and I assure you, you are one of them.
Vanessa: So what, you think it's OK do all sorts of bad stuff to me now?
Bob: Well, that's an open-ended discussion, Vanessa, dealing with deep philosophical ramifications, something you can hardly grasp. In fact, take it from me a professional, Vanessa, you're an absolute fucking moron!

Vanessa: Y'all can take a fuckin' cruise, 'cause I took care of that piece of shit.
Wallace: Mr. Wolverton is in critical condition, but he's not dead.
Vanessa: Oh, yeah right. I shot him so many times.

Rhonda: I don't get how a person could go through their whole lives never being into girls. I just... I love girls.
Vanessa: You can keep 'em.

Woody Wilson: I am claustrophobic.
Vanessa: Well, I get claustrophobic suckin' strange dick! Get in there!
Woody: Please, I've got to pee!
Vanessa: Well, pee in there, motherfucker! I ain't kidding! Now! Dumbass.

Vanessa: You fucker! You killed my grandma!
Bob: That's not all I did to grandma.


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