The Freespace is a series of space combat simulation games. The first is titled Descent Freespace: The Great War was initially released in 1998. The was also an expansion titled Silent Threat and a sequel called Freespace 2.

Descent: FreeSpace – The Great WarEdit

Alpha 2: GTI Vessels, power down and surrender.
Jotunheim: Negative. You have no authority in this system. If you do not break off your attack, we will open fire.
Command: Destroy GTI Base Jotunheim.

Command: Oh my God! It's the Lucifer!

[last lines]
Player character: All the jump points from Earth are gone, but the Shivans can rebuild them. I'm told we can expect them again, but not in my lifetime. Such is liberation.

Freespace 2Edit

Additional Voices: Thirty-two years have past since the Great War. The Shivans vanished half a life time ago and now, we live in the mausoleum of history. We inherit the legacy of ghosts who haunt these ruins. The Elders call us "The lost generation". I remember stories of a glorious civilization, of cities with spires that reached the sun and a blue planet with vast seas. Of people with myths of Humanity everlasting, of children who saw in the embers of dying stars, the destiny of their race. And they hurled themselves into the void of space with no fear. They say our people have no present, only a past filled with horror and a future they can only dream of. Now we forge a new alliance, to guard the tomb of space and find within it's cold expanse, the salvation of our race.

[last lines]
Adm. Petrarch: From our odyssey into Hell we have returned with a gift: The Ancient technology to build a portal between Delta Serpentis and Sol. To restore the link to our blue planet. To return home after all these years. This is Admiral Petrach, signing off.

Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Snipes: We'll now scuttle this decoy transport. If the rebs think we destroyed the Sunder, the won't know how much we know. We'll also be able to continue our covert operation. Of course that's if they don't hang us for failing the mission. We might be pushing our luck here, but what the hell.

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