Freedom of religion in Pakistan


Freedom of religion in Pakistan is guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan for individuals of various religions and religious sects.


  • The Blasphemy Laws are primarily used to terrorize minorities and pursue personal scores and vendettas, and their very existence undermines any effective freedom of religion in Pakistan.
    • Freedom Fighter: One Man's Fight for One Free World Majed El Shafie · 2012
  • To this day, the blasphemy laws continue to restrict the freedom of religion in Pakistan.
    • South Asia in the World: An Introduction: An Introduction - 93 Susan S Wadley · 2014
  • The judges noted that the ulema were against the propagation of any other religion in Pakistan. They argued that anyone preaching another religion was involved in promoting apostasy, since Muslims could not be converted to another religion.
    • The Politics of Religion in South and Southeast Asia Ishtiaq Ahmed · 2011
  • The superior judiciary does not bear all responsibility for the dismal state of the fundamental human right of freedom of religion in Pakistan. But it remains the constitutionally designated guardian of guaranteed rights.
    • Pakistan 1995 Charles H Kennedy, ‎Rasul B. Rais · 2019