Free Guy

2021 film directed by Shawn Levy

Free Guy is a 2021 American film about Free Guy; an NPC (non-player character) in a massively multiplayer online video game who gains full sentience and desires a life other than being systematically killed for amusement and strives to change the video game world much to the ire of ruthless video game producer; Antwan.

Directed and produced by Shawn Levy, based on a story by Matt Lieberman and co-screenplay adapted with Zak Penn.
The world needed a hero. They got a guy. (taglines)
  • Don't have a good day, have a great day.
  • I love you, Millie. Now maybe that's just my programming talking, but guess what? Somebody wrote that program. I'm just a love letter to you. Somewhere out there is the author.
  • [He touches a health icon and it surges through his body, healing all injuries] Is this what recreational drugs feel like?
  • That building, that's fake! This street, it's fake! That car- [Gets rammed from behind and then bounced off a taxi]
  • [Upon learning the true nature of his reality] IT'S ALL A LIE!
  • [In a montage parodying his dailly routine that has him greeting his goldfish every morning] Good morning, Goldie. good morning, Goldie. Good fuckin' morning, Goldie!
  • [In the midst of fighting an enemy, Guy accidentally breaks the guy's arm at the joint and is genuinely freaked out] Oh, my God! I am so, so sorry!
  • Life doesn't have to be something that just happens to us.
  • [Daily routine coffee order] Medium coffee, cream, two sugars.


  • [Talking to Guy at his lowest] Hey, I'm here with my best friend, trying to help him through a tough time. If that ain't real, I don't know what is.
  • [About to be deleted] I've been scared my whole damn life. I'm not scared anymore.
  • He hits hard. And yet his hands are so soft.




  • Catchphrase!
  • [Upon greeting Buddy] FRIENDLY GESTURE.
  • There are three things I love in life: Kicking ass, TBD, Third thing here

Molotov Girl

  • Sometimes I forget not everyone you meet on here is a sociopathic man-child.
  • Word of advice: don't crib your jokes from the trolls of Free City.
  • I was trying to steal a video clip, now we're trying not to die.


  • Code: It's not just zeros and ones, it's hidden messages. I like to think of myself actually as not a code writer, but an author. I just use zeros and ones instead of words.

Revenjamin Buttons



  • [Repeated line] Have the quarterly reports on my desk by Friday.

Rain Man

  • Looks like rain!

Big City Dreamer

  • [Repeated line] Wow, life in the big city! Ain't nothing like it!

Cat Lady Phyllis

  • [Repeated line] Has anyone seen my cats?


  • Here's to Lazarbeam He's true blue he's a piss pot through and through


  • Hey everyone, Dan here, from the diamond minecart and today, I will be having a poo!

Bank Manager

  • [Repeated line whenever the bank is being robbed] Nobody try to be a hero. This will all be over soon.

Bank Robber #1

  • Everybody down on the ground !
  • I have three words for you; blue. Shirt. Guy.


Girl 1: Also, he's like, crazy hot.
Girl 2: Oh my god, totally. I'd hit those pixels hard.


Millie: No... I let him kiss me!... So Yeah
Keys: I'm sorry, wait... you let who kiss you?
Millie: Guy
Keys: Guy?
Millie: The first time I kiss a non toxic guy in like... forever and of course he's not even real
Keys: There's not a button for that
Millie: Oh... he found the button

Guy: He's just resting.
Buddy: In pieces! That man is dead!
Guy: He's so sleepy.

Guy: I know this world is just a game, but this place, these people, that's all I have. So I'm not gonna be the good guy. I'm gonna be a great guy.
Molotov Girl: [Inhales] Wow, enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity.

Molotov Girl: [straddles Guy on a motorcycle during a shootout] Is that a Glock in your pocket?
Guy: [from trailer] No...
Molotov Girl: What?
Guy: It's TWO Glocks!

Guy: Millie, how many times a day are the banks robbed in your world?
Molotov Girl: Hardly ever, Guy.
Guy: What about corpses, Mille? Do ya see a lot of those? How many an hour?
Molotov Girl: None per hour, Guy.
Guy: What about gun violence? See a lot of gun violence in your world?
Molotov Girl: Actually, that's a big problem, Guy, it's a massive problem

[Guy intervenes in a bank robbery]
Buddy: This isn't you! You don't do this!
Guy: ....Maybe I do.

[Repeated line; to an uniformed cop]
Guy: Officer JOHNNY!
Officer Johnny: Have a good one Guy!

[Molotov Girl is walking through Free City, quoting the NPC's lines along with them, then hums "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey to herself; Guy sees this and is entranced by her]
Molotov Girl: [Quoting Guy] Don't have a good day, have a great day.
Guy: I love that song.
Molotov Girl: [Stops, turns around and eyes him suspiciously] That's a new one.

Molotov Girl: If you ever met the dick responsible for this world, you'd agree.
Guy: Are we talking about God? You've met God? And he's a dick?

Mouser: Lose the skin!
Guy: Lose...? Wha..? How am I supposed to get rid of my skin?
Mouser: Take it off, man. Just take it off. What are you doing?
Guy: What?
Keys: Seriously.
Mouser: The whole thing: the face, the outfit, everything.
Guy: How?
Mouser: Ditch it! If you don't, we're gonna kill you.
Guy: Why?
Keys: And we're gonna KEEP killing you.
Guy: Still why?
Mouser: Until we do find out who you are, and then we're going to ban you for life!
Guy: Okay. I WANT to comply. I just find the order of those threats very confusing.

Guy: Okay. Wait! How will I know that I've levelled up enough?
Molotov Girl: Uh, get over 100, then we'll talk.
Guy: Whoa.
Molotov Girl: Bye now.
Guy: That's so much more than one. Like, 99 more.
Molotov Girl: Bye now.
Guy: Okay.

Alex Trebek: This colorful character from in videogame Free City has been turning heads by being the good guy.
Contestant: Who is Blue Shirt Guy?

Guy: Oh. What, is one the best or the worst?
Molotov Girl: There is literally nothing lower.

Molotov Girl: So, what are you gonna to do
Guy: Anything I want. Thanks to you, I'm not stuck in a loop anymore and neither are you. I love you Milie. Maybe that's my programming talking, but guess what, someone wrote that program, I'm just a love letter to you. Somewhere out there is the author. [Millie begins to realize and plays a video clip from Keys]
Keys: You brought him to life, You brought him to life and he was alive because he met the one person he's been waiting for his whole life and I had to make it realistic, so I based it off of "you". The woman of his dreams, she was the same as mine. So she like bubble gum ice cream and swing sets and she had this very cute, but oddly specific habit of always humming to this classic Mariah Carey track, like all the time, she would repeat. [She gets up and tries to find Keys]
Mouser: [Satisfied to see Millie] Finally!

Guy: This is Free City. Look at this guy. He's one of the sunglasses people. And the people who wear sunglasses are heroes. They have a devil-may-care attitude and they run this town.
Bombshell: You are so hot.
Revenjamin Buttons: Oh, I know.
Guy: See? That's not even his car. Or his wife. For the sunglasses people, they get to do anything they want. They go on all sorts of missions. They got cool hair, cool clothes. I mean, laws aren't really laws to them. They're more like mild suggestions. Like, I don't think he's gonna return that car. Or that nice lady. See what I mean?

Bombshell: [upon Revenjamin Buttons landing in the blue car that she is in] You are so hot!
Revenjamin Buttons: Oh, I know!

Buddy: I'm me, who I am right now, and I'm just trying to help a friend. I say, okay, so what if I'm not real?
Guy: I'm sorry. "So what?"
Buddy: Yeah. So what?
Guy: But if you're not real, doesn't that mean that nothing you do matters? What does that mean?
Buddy: I mean, what's more real than a person trying to help someone they love? Now, if that's not real, I don't know what is.

Buddy: Hey, so where's the bank?
Guy: There is no bank.
Buddy: So, what do we do?
Guy: Whatever we want.


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