Fred M. Vinson

chief justice of the United States from 1946 to 1953

Frederick "Fred" Moore Vinson (January 22, 1890September 8, 1953) was an American politician who served the United States in all three branches of government and was the most prominent member of the Vinson political family. In the legislative branch, he was an elected member of the United States House of Representatives from Louisa, Kentucky, for twelve years. In the executive branch, he was Secretary of the Treasury under President Harry S. Truman. In the judicial branch, President Truman appointed Vinson the 13th Chief Justice of the United States in 1946.

Fred M. Vinson

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  • Overthrow of the Government by force and violence is certainly a substantial enough interest for the Government to limit speech. Indeed, this is the ultimate value of any society, for if a society cannot protect its very structure from armed internal attack, it must follow that no subordinate value can be protected.
  • Whatever theoretical merit there may be to the argument that there is a "right" to rebellion against dictatorial governments is without force where the existing structure of the government provides for peaceful and orderly change.

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