Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

2006 animated adventure film directed by Dominique Monféry

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure is a children's animated adventure drama film released on September 6, 2006, based on the TV series Franklin. It was the first Franklin movie shown in theaters in Canada and France.

Dialogue Edit

Aunt Lucy: Why don't you come over tomorrow and we can out together?
Franklin: Is she going to be there?
Aunt Lucy: Sam? I imagine so. But I promise, she won't bite. We turtles don't have teeth, you know. [chuckles]

Bear: We're going on a treasure hunt.
Samantha: [yawns loudly]
Aunt Lucy: [speaking in a pirate brogue] Not one to join us, Missy? You'll walk the plank if you don't.
Samantha: Guess I'll take my chances with the sharks.
Franklin: So what do you want to do?
Samantha: Not play some dumb kids game.

Mr. Turtle: [regarding Turtle Lake] It's nice you're getting the chance to go up there. [regarding Sam and Franklin] And even nicer to see you two on friendly terms.
Samantha: Actually, we're more like fellow adventurers than friends. Oh, and thank you for the flowers, Mr. Turtle. They were lovely.

[last lines]
Samantha: Granny's map? But I couldn't.
Franklin: It's okay. Aunt Lucy said I could give it to you. You know, to remember your summer by.
Samantha: I won't ever forget this summer.
[Samantha gives him a small smooch]
Bear: Ahem.
Aunt Lucy: Well, what do you know? Life is just full of surprises, isn't it?

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