Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

1943 US horror film directed by Roy William Neill

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man is a 1943 film in which the resurrected Wolf Man, seeking a cure for his malady, enlists the aid of a mad scientist, who claims he will not only rid the Wolf Man of his nocturnal metamorphosis, but also revive the frozen body of Frankenstein's inhuman creation.

All New Thrills as Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man
Directed by Roy William Neill. Written by Curt Sidomak.
A Death Fight... Between Two Beasts! (taglines)

Dr. Frank Mannering

  • I can't do it! I can't destroy Frankenstein's creation. I've got to see it at its full power.

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein

  • My father was a great scientist, but all he created brought unhappiness, terror.
  • I'm sorry, Mr. Taylor. There is nothing I can do. The house burned down, and I have never set a foot on that ground again, and never shall.
  • [seeing Dr. Mannering reviving the monster] Frank, you're making him strong again!


  • Maleva: He is not insane. He simply wants to die.


Freddy Jolly: [reading from a headstone] 'Lawrence Stewart Talbot, who died at the youthful age of thirty one. R.I.P.' That's it. Give me the chisel.
Graverobber: Suppose they didn't bury him with the money on him.
Freddy Jolly: Everybody in the village knows about it - his gold watch and ring and money in his pockets.
Graverobber: It's a sin to bury good money when it could help people.
[both chuckle]

Inspector Owen: This is Inspector Owen speaking, in Cardiff. Have you got anything in your files about a man named...
Llanwelly Police Sergeant: Lawrence Talbot? Why of course, he lived here.
Inspector Owen: Well, that's all right, then. We've got him up here in our hospital.
Llanwelly Police Sergeant: I wouldn't want him in our hospital; he died four years ago!

Mayor Of Vasaria: We must be more clever this time. We must pretend to be friends with the monster.
Vazec: [sarcastically] Yes, why not elect it mayor of Vasaria?

Lawrence Talbot: Your own son Bela was a werewolf. He attacked me. He changed me into a werewolf. He's the one that put this curse on me. You watched over him until he was permitted to die. Well, now I want to die to. Won't you show me the way?
Maleva: I can't. But I will guard you and take care of you as I took care of my own son.

Dr. Frank Mannering: Mr Talbot, if you want us to help you, you must do as we say. Now, please lie down.
Lawrence Talbot: You think I'm insane. You think I don't know what I'm talking about. Well you just look in that grave where Lawrence Talbot is supposed to be buried and see if you find a body in it!

Maleva: Are you the proprietor?
Vazec: I am. What do you beggars want?
Maleva: We just want to ask you, sir, about the Doctor Frankenstein.
Vazec: Frankenstein? Don't mention that name around this town.
Lawrence Talbot: We're looking for Dr. Frankenstein. Oh, please, won't you tell us where he lives?
Vazec: There, that's his burial place. A fire destroyed him and all his misdeeds.
Maleva: He is dead?
Lawrence Talbot: Oh but he can't be!
Vazec: He didn't die any too soon for us; we all wished he'd never been born!

Vazec: What did you want with him?
Maleva: I heard he was a great doctor who could help people that other doctors couldn't cure.
Vazec: Him? Murder and all sorts of crimes was all he ever brought us. He harbored a monster in his house, a thing created by black magic.
Lawrence Talbot: Dr. Frankenstein, dead.

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: Listen to me, Frank. I saw my father become obsessed by his power. He died a horrible death, just as my grandfather did.
Dr. Frank Mannering: Yes, I know.
Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: You promised the people to rid Vasaria of his monstrous creation. I want to be sure that nothing, nothing whatsoever, can sway you. It is in your hands to undo the crimes my father and grandfather committed. We must clear the name of Frankenstein.

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: I understand that you want to buy our land.
Lawrence Talbot: No, I - I wanted to meet you.
Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: I don't understand.
Lawrence Talbot: Well, I didn't know how to find you, and the mayor wouldn't give me your address, so I felt that if I offered to buy your land, that you'd be sure to come.
Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: It's certainly a most usual way to make an acquaintance.

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: When you were talking to the monster, I was afraid you meant what you said.
Dr. Frank Mannering: What did I say?
Baroness Elsa Frankenstein: You said you'd help him.
Dr. Frank Mannering: Of course I can't. I mustn't.

Rudi: Could it be the monster again? Frankenstein's monster?
Guno: No, the monster burned to death by Dr. Frankenstein.
Franzec: Yes, we found his bones and buried them.
Varja: How do you know they were the monster's bones?
Guno: She wasn't killed by the monster. An animal bit her to death. I saw the wound on her throat.
Rudi: What animals are around here that can kill people?
[in the distance, a wolf howls loud and long]
Guno: A wolf!
Rudi: Yes, a wolf! That's his cry.

Festival Singer: [singing] The wine tonight is nobly blessed. Faro-la, faro-li. By such a lady and her guest. Faro-la, faro-li. To them I toast, come drink with me. That may they ever happy be. And may they live eternally!
Lawrence Talbot: Stop that! Stop it! Quit that singing! Eternally! I don't want to live eternally! Why did you say that to me? Get away from me! Stay away! Go away, all of you! Let me alone! Stay away!

Lawrence Talbot: Why have you followed me?
Dr. Frank Mannering: Talbot, you're a murderer.
Lawrence Talbot: Prove it.
Dr. Frank Mannering: You're insane at times and you know it. You're sane enough now though to know what you're doing. Why don't you let me take care of you?
Lawrence Talbot: You think it would do any good to put me in a lunatic asylum?
Dr. Frank Mannering: You know that's where you belong. It's the only thing to do.
Lawrence Talbot: Oh that wouldn't do any good. I'd only escape again sooner or later.
Dr. Frank Mannering: We might be able to cure you. It might prevent you...
Lawrence Talbot: I only want to die. That's why I'm here. If I ever find peace I'll find it here.


  • All New Thrills as Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man