Frankenstein 1970

1958 film directed by Howard W. Koch

Frankenstein 1970 is a 1958 film about the last of the Frankensteins who leases his castle out to a film company as he tries to complete his ancestor's gruesome experiments at creating life.

Directed by Howard W. Koch. Written by Richard H. Landau.
The One...The Only KING OF MONSTERS as the new demon of the atomic age! 

Baron Victor von Frankenstein Edit

  • [Reading from his ancestor's stone memorial marker] "I, Frankenstein, began my work in the year 1740 A.D. with all good intentions and humane thoughts to the high purpose of probing the secrets of life itself with but one end, the betterment of mankind." So wrote my ancestor, but first he had to learn how flesh is made. He had to discover the art of transplanting vital organs from human beings into his creature and knitting them together until they all had all the attributes of God-inspired birth. Of course, I must admit that perhaps he was not too scrupulous about where he got his raw material.
  • This castle is filled with rare, old treasures. Feel free to browse, my friend.
  • Shuter, yours is not the brain that I would have chosen, but at least you are obedient.
  • Gottfried, dear old friend. Remember the story I was going to tell you? The story about the inquisitive commandant, the one who was at Belson? He too was always asking questions. Prying. Seeking to learn what went on in other men's minds! Do you know what's it like Gottfried, to hear the same voice over and over, always, always the same words eating into you every day, day after day? No, of course you don't, you weren't there. But I was. I had to listen! And then, one bright, lovely day, they found the poor fellow. He had no tongue! Imagine the irony of it, Gottfried! Oh, I know, I was called in to examine the poor wretch. A beautiful piece of surgery if I do say so myself. Beautiful?

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