Franciscus Junius (the younger)


Franciscus Junius, the younger (29 January 1591 – 1677), known in France as François du Jon, was a Dutch Protestant pastor, a pioneer of Teutonic philology, a classical scholar, a collector of ancient Greek and Roman manuscripts, and an author on ancient Greek and Roman writings on the visual arts.

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  • My purpose is, by Gods assistance, to set forth the Art of painting, as in old times it hath begun, as it was promoted, as it came to that wonderfull perfection mentioned in ancient Authors. The first booke toucheth the first beginnings of Picture. The second booke propoundeth diverse meanes tending to the advancement of this Art. The third booke speaketh of the maine grounds of Art, the which being well observed by the old Artificers, made them come neerer to the height of perfection.

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