Francis Marrash

Syrian writer and poet

Francis bin Fathallah bin Nasrallah Marrash (1835, 1836, or 1837 – 1873 or 1874), also known as Francis al-Marrash or Francis Marrash al-Halabi, was a Syrian scholar, publicist, writer and poet of the Nahda or the Arab Renaissance, and a physician.



Ghabat al-haqq (c. 1865)

  • انهُ بالمحبة قد قام العالم جميعهُ وبالمحبة تتحرك جميع الاشياءِ وبالمحبة يثبت كل من المخلوقات على حدتهِ وبالمحبة يحافظ الكل على اجزائهِ وهكذا
    • It is by Love that the whole world is maintained, [by Love all things move,] by Love each creature perpetuates itself separately, and by Love the whole preserves its parts [and so forth].
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