Folake Solanke

Nigerian lawyer

Chief Folake Solanke (born 29 March 1932), SAN, CON, is a Nigerian lawyer, administrator, and social critic. She is the first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the first Nigerian female lawyer to wear the silk gown as Senior Counsel. She is the first Commissioner of Western State and is a former Chairperson of the Western Nigeria Television Broadcasting Corporation (WNTBC).


  • If we [lawyers] are corruption-free, the whole country will be corruption-free.
    • [1] Folake Solanke in 2021 cautioning lawyers against corruption.
  • Speak up against those who cannot speak for themselves. Let’s speak in the language of the youths. Visit schools visit hospitals. What assistance do we offer those who cannot help themselves? We should assist rape victims. We should be the voice of the society.
    • [2] Folake Solanke in 2021 speaking out against the ills in society.
  • The event today has categorically proved that people who attain the age of 70 years and above are not brain-dead.
    • [3] Speaking during a colloquium in honour of Professor Itse Sagay at the Centre for Values in Leadership.
  • It is imperative that the younger people should be made aware that values are constants which must be demonstrated in all our activities.
    • [4] Statement made debunking insinuations that people who attain the age of 70 years and above have loss of brain functions.
  • Legal practice has become globalized. And I advocate lawyers without borders and like doctors without borders so that you can practice anywhere in the world.
    • [5] Folake Solanke in an interview with Channels.
  • We must have an easy relationship between the lawyers and the law enforcement agencies.
    • [6] Folake Solanke in an interview with Channels.
  • And it is important for the Supreme Court itself to engage in self-criticism, self-awareness, self-assessment to address the loss of confidence of the people in the Supreme Court. That is where our salvation lies.
    • [7] Folake Solanke speaks on the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
  • If anything goes wrong with the Supreme Court, we are in trouble. If anything goes wrong with the court, we are in trouble.
    • [8] Folake Solanke speaks on the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
  • We should stop applications for Judgeship (that's what is going on now). And it should not be based on where your father is or who your mother is or where you come from. It should be purely knowledge and merit.
    • [9] Folake Solanke speaks on the Appointment of Judgeship.
  • I always say that not all judges are corrupt there are some of them who labour night and day to give up their best and to make sure that judgments are based on evidence received and the applicable laws.
    • [10] Folake Solanke speaks on the Corruption of Judges in Nigeria.
  • The judiciary has no alternative than to defeat the monster of corruption for Nigerians to trust the judiciary and have full confidence in Nigeria’s justice system.
    • [11] Folake Solanke speaks on judiciary corruption
  • I have played my part and I believe it is time to bow out,
    • [12] Folake Solanke speaking against the corrupt judiciary.
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