Flower A. Newhouse

American spiritual teacher (1909–1994)

Flower A. Newhouse May 10, 1909 - July 8, 1994 was an American Christian mystic and spiritual teacher who founded the Christward Ministry at Questhaven and authored over 30 books on esoteric Christian Mysticism, the Angels, communing with God in nature, the ongoing Ministry of the Living Christ, and the spiritual purpose of life. Flower Newhouse Biography




  • The work of the Christ is that of raying out Divine love and encouragement to every creature in existence. The living Christ is perpetually occupied with the offices of his Christship. One of its most vital services is that of bringing human beings into a state of regeneration and self-conquest. Christ will not finish His work until the whole planet and all of humanity is brought to its highest degree of development.
    • Christward, Vol. 1
  • Christ's mission is to release the divine into our conscious knowing. He awakens the impulse in humanity to rise above his lower nature and be aware of his higher nature that dwells within.
    • Lecture, April 6, 1969 - Emmanuel, God with Us
  • The Christ Spirit is really the aura of Christ Jesus extending to and including every portion of the earth. Whatever is Christ-like in essence, quality, mentality and conduct adds to the content of the ever-expanding Christ Spirit. We might also consider it as a tremendous reservoir of Light, which encircles the earth, whose function is to bless, to redeem, to spiritualize, to love and to heal all who make prayerful requests in the name of the Christ Spirit.
    • Here Are Your Answers, Vol. II
  • Our Lord Jesus evolved just as each of us has. He was human, very human in the beginning of His evolution, but (throughout his physical incarnations) He more strangely than anyone else, more quickly had the power of excellence, that supreme ability to surrender Himself and to give himself to that which is higher than anyone else that has evolved through the earth. So, it was because of this excellence, because of this unusual ability, that Jesus, or better our Lord Emmanuel the only begotten Son, it means in esoteric fact, that our Lord was the only one who had this quality to become the Christ Officiant for our planet.
    • Lecture December 13, 1959 The Reality of the Christ Hierarchy


  • Mysticism is the art of the practice of divine union. It is the soul's endeavor to draw nearer to God. Mysticism is the path of the heart, the path of love, the path of reverence into the citadel of enlightenment.
    • Lecture discussing esoteric Christian mysticism
  • Mysticism is the search for and recovery of our oneness with God.
    • Lecture discussing esoteric Christian mysticism
  • We are here in life for but one reason-to learn to climb through ascensions of consciousness into the true Selfhood which is within us-the Selfhood which belongs to the eternal, the Selfhood which is our real nativity, our home in God's spirit.
    • The Armor of the Spiritual Life, 1948
  • Life's drama of incarnation consists of one's eventual discovery of their inherent destiny. We are a creation of the Supreme Spirit in whose seed of divinity , Godhood, like the Godhood of Jesus, shall come into fruition.
    • The drama of incarnation, 1948
  • As purity in motivation is matched by the will to penetrate the barriers that separate one from God, then the wonderful event takes place; one begins to know and see God.
    • Songs of Deliverance, 1945
  • Christ's entire ministry can be summarized in just two words, live love.
    • Lecture discussing Christian mysticism


  • When humans face testings and tragedy, they should remember the angels who are always standing ready to lend their celestial assistance, comfort and council. You should never feel lonely, neglected, fearful, or defeated when you remember that there are the shining ones. They are watching with keen interest and a great desire to help to raise you, to stimulate you into contact with your own superior inner resources.
    • Touched by Angels
  • Next to worship and realization of God and the Lord Christ, awareness of the Angelic Kingdom has helped and inspired me more than any other single reality my recognition has touched.
    • Rediscovering the Angels


  • Take in everything before you and let your eyes be drenched with beauty, and as you love beauty in a reverent way it becomes a sacrament to you.
    • Lecture on nature's beauty
  • You'll never make the friendship of nature until you can approach her with the idea of learning all that she has, all that she is, all that she serves from the inner worlds outwards to this physical vestment. The more wildflowers you learn the names of the richer you are. The more birds you can identify the finer character you possess and the more you can love as well as appreciate and seek to protect beauty in every form, the higher and nobler becomes your character. For nature teaches your character to expand and it reaches out to your very soul to make it as pure as it is.
    • Lecture June 8, 1958 Nature's Portals of Instruction
  • The person who misses this adventure of kinship with the beauty that is to be found in nature temples, and fails to make the acquaintance of the creatures that are in those temples, misses so much.
    • Lecture June 7, 1959 Nature's Eternal Refreshment


  • Lack of will power has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability.