Florentine proverbs

The Florentine dialect or vernacular is a variety of Tuscan language, a Romance language, spoken in the Italian city of Florence and its hinterlands. Being the language spoken in the capital city of the Tuscan state, it attracted and unified all other Tuscan varieties.

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  • Beâz chei fîs che ân lor pnar pari a chià dal diaul .
    • English equivalent: Happy is the child whose father went to the devil.
    • "If the man who turnips cries,
      Cry not when his father dies,
      'Tis a proof that he had rather
      Have a turnip than his father."
    • Samuel Johnson, Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson (1786)
    • von Düringsfield, Ida; von Düringsfield, Otto (1875). "254, Reicher" (in German). Sprichwörter der germanishcen und romanischen Sprachen Vergleichend. II. p. 142. 

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