Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand-based musical comedy duo

The Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand folk/pop/comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.

Flight of the Conchords in 2007
For quotes from the TV Series, see Flight of the Conchords (TV Series).

From HBO One Night Stand special edit

Before singing Think About It - Think, Think About It:

Bret: If there's one thing that we as a band want to deal with, it's the issues. Like--
Jemaine: That's just one of the things.
Bret: Yeah. Like, the future of the planet.
Jemaine: Yeah.
Bret: The future of my children. And my children's children, and--
Jemaine: Well, you know--
Bret: My children's children's children, you know.
Jemaine: Actually, Bret. When I think about your children, and your children's children, I actually think your children are too young to be having children. And as far as your children's children's children, I think, you know, where does it stop? When the--When the children are having children, you know, it's just--how small are they going to get? It's going to be--
Bret: Too small.
Jemaine: Too small.
Bret: Too small.
Jemaine: Exactly.
Bret: That's one of the issues. And--
Jemaine: It's just going to get into this ridiculous Russian doll situation.
Bret: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Jemaine: Have you met my kid? Have you met their little kids? And then, it's just going to be--Hmm. Well in some ways, I think your children aren't going to be affected by a lot of things that affect other children. Because your children... aren't real.
Bret: Yeah, yeah, okay, but--
Jemaine: Do you see the distinction?
Bret: Yeah, yeah, sure. But they still have issues, that don't get taken seriously. And they have to deal with all the imaginary stuff, like rogue unicorns, for example. You know.
Jemaine: Okay, so--there's lots of things that I haven't thought about, I guess. So, sorry.
Bret: Yeah. My wife and I weren't able to have children, so we chose to imagine them. The doctor suggested it. And it's actually been incredibly rewarding, you know.
Jemaine: Bret's wife is unable to have children because she's not a real woman.
Bret: No she's--yeah, she's imaginary, yeah. The kids take after her in that sense, but she is--she's very beautiful. She is a very beautiful woman.
Jemaine: She's a very beautiful woman. Much--she's a much better kind of woman than some of the women that I've imagined.
Bret: Yeah, yeah.
Jemaine: But this song is more about the real world issues. That are affecting us--everyone--today.
Bret: It's called, Think About It - Think, Think About It.
[note that the quote about children plays upon the Moody Blue's Album "To Our Children's Children's Children"]

After singing Think about it. Think, think about it:
Bret: There was a bit in that song where we were dealing with the issue of AIDS. The bit with the monkeys.
Jemaine: Yeah because it was believed that AIDS was contracted from the monkeys. Not the band but the animal. And we just wanted to deal with that issue--just a couple of points. Just changing the attitude towards AIDS from being "Eww AIDSy" to more like "Ohh! Fun monkey disease."

Before singing She's so hot... Boom!, Bret gets out a futuristic-looking guitar-like instrument:
Bret: This is the DG20.
Jemaine: We got this from a pawn shop in the future.

Interviews edit

Interview with Mike McDaniel of the Houston Chronicle, HBO's Conchords takes flight. Houston Chronicle (2007-07-13). Retrieved on 2007-07-21.

Interviewer: So what's the coolest thing about living in America?
Clement: People are friendly.
McKenzie: Paying taxes to George Bush is a real treat.
Clement: What Bret means to say is the people are friendly.

Clement: We're Flight of the Conchords, from New Zealand.
McKenzie: I dunno if you guys know much about New Zealand, but, uh, a few years ago we invented something we call hip-hop.
Clement: 2001?
McKenzie: Do you remember when we invented hip-hop that day, with Steve?
Clement: At the barbecue?.. these guys are the funniest people?

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