Flight 29 Down

American television series

Flight 29 Down is a Discovery Kids television series.

The show follows a group of kids stranded on a South Pacific island after the crash of a small plane while flying to an eco-adventure camping trip in Micronesia. A video diary, used as a plot device, powered by a solar battery charger, allows the kids to talk to the camera about the everyday struggles with the island, and each other.

Season 1 edit

The Arrival edit

Captain Russell: There's something you should know. The plane is our life raft.

Lex: (to Jackson who is listening to music) Excuse me?
(Jackson ignores him)
Lex: Fine, don't listen.

The Quest for Fire edit

Captain Russell: Okay, kiddies, who wants to be the big boss?
(Nathan and Daley raise their hands while the others just stare in their direction)
Captain Russell: (sarcastically and pretending he just notices them) Oh! Big surprise! Why don't you two fight it out, huh? May the best dork or dorkette win.Big Buttcracks (leaves, laughing)

(The pilot hands out food to the three who are going to look for something in the forest with him)
Abby: Is this chicken? I'm a vegan.
Captain Russell: A who?
Abby: It means I don't eat meat.
Captain Russell: I don't eat vegetables. What does that make me?
Abby: A meathead.

Nathan: I used to be a boy scout. I think I'd know how to make a fire in the wilderness.
Jackson: I have an idea.

Daley: Ewww! Leeches are on the back of my legs! Get 'em off, get 'em off!!
Lex: Don't pick at the leeches. Wait until they fall off.
Daley: Well, when will they fall off?
Lex: When they get their fair share of blood.
Daley: Ewwww!!!

It's Lonely at the Top edit

Lex: Maybe we should have a leader.
Nathan and Daley: (together) I'll be leader! Hey! I'll make a better leader!!
Melissa: Let's put it to a vote!
Nathan: Vote me for leader.
Daley: No, vote me for leader!
Nathan: Daley wants to hog everything.
Daley: I planned what to eat so we would be able to survive...
Nathan: And how long will we survive with the food you planned for us to eat?
Daley: Well... a few days, but...

Melissa: (reading the votes) One person voted for...no one.
Taylor: (whispering) Is that even legal?

Melissa: The new leader is...Jackson!

Not a Drop to Drink edit


Jackson: What?! I don't wanna be the leader!
Melissa: Think about it. You make the best leader. You're so smart, deep, and quiet. You're perfect!
Jackson: (*walks away*)
Melissa:*few days later* PLEASE be leader Jackson!
Jackson: Fine i'll be leader

Daley: Hey, someone stole 6 bottles of water!
Daley: Did you take 'em, Taylor?
Taylor: No, but i know who did.
Daley: WHO?
Taylor: Eric.

Daley: I found a new source of water!
Lex: She's right, we have lots of water now!

A Fish Story edit

Nathan: I found some coconuts! I can climb up the coconut tree and grab the coconuts.
Daley: I don't think that's a good idea. Last time, you almost killed yourself!

The Pits edit

Daley: Don't just lie around. Do your part of the work, Taylor!

Daley: (talking to Jackson) Taylor's not doing any work. You can back me up, right? I mean, you're the leader. You can do that.

  • Daley: (about Taylor) If she won't do her fair share of the work, then she won't get her fair share of food and water!
Taylor: But then I'll...like...die or something!

Taylor: If Daley wants trouble, she's come to the WRONG place.
Eric: You mean she's come to the right place. If you're gonna give her trouble, then she's come to the right place.
Taylor: Oh. Right. That's exactly what I mean.

Taylor: (talking to Eric) Hey! Lame-O! What are you doing?
Eric Nothing.
Taylor No duh. Come help me!
Eric I can't do that!
Taylor: Because...?
Eric: Because if I did, you wouldn't appreciate the lesson that you gain here.
Taylor: Oh really?
Eric: Taylor Taylor Taylor. You're learning that there's beauty in defeat.
Taylor: I am?

The Cry of the Wolf edit

Lex: (yelling) Hey Jackson! Jackson!
Jackson: What's wrong?
Lex: Nothing. I found a new food source.
Jackson: Wow...rocks.
Taylor: You want us to eat rocks?
Lex: No they aren't rocks...they're clams or oysters.
Jackson: But how long will they last us?
Lex: A while...we've got a lot!

Jackson: Lex found some oysters...
Lex: ...or clams.
Eric: Are they poisonous?
Lex: I don't know...but someone's gotta try it. But who?
Jackson: Whoever has the shortest stick has to try one first.
(Taylor pulls out the shortest stick)
Taylor: Eww! I'm not gonna eat that edible snot!
Daley: How would you know if it tasted like snot?
(Jackson gets tired of the talking so he just eats the oysters)
Eric: Wow...
'(everyone starts eating the oysters besides Taylor)
Daley: Mmmmmm...You should try some.
Eric: Yeah...they're really good.
Taylor: Eww!

Jackson: Don't think about it as raw oyster, think about it as...sushi.
Taylor: Sushi...I love sushi.

Lex: How ya holding up?
Jackson: I'm okay.
Melissa: Eric broke out in hives, He must be allergic to the oysters.

(After Melissa gives Eric an adrenalin shot)
Eric: Was that a dream, or did you just stab me in the freakin' leg?!

Survival of the Fittest edit

Melissa: Why'd you tell everyone my secret.
Eric: I don't know what you're talking about.
Melissa: Yes, you do.
Eric: Taylor spread your secret, not me!

Taylor: What if the ledge breaks?
Melissa: It won't break.
Taylor: What if nobody finds us? I don't wanna die here! I don't wanna die anywhere.

Taylor: Do you think I try too hard? Be honest. I don't think I try too hard. You don't think she'll do anything stupid, do you?
Eric: What answer can I give you that will make you go away?

Mazeathon edit

(Talking about Jackson)

  • Daley: What is he doing? He disappears for hours at a time.
  • Nathan: I don't know. He doesn't talk to anyone.
  • Daley: Should we?
  • Nathan: (smiles) Sure, it's not like we're busy.

  • Lex: (on his video diary) We've been stuck here a week. Nobody says it but I know we're all worried that we haven't seen any sign of a search. No boats, no planes, nothing. It's scary. So far we've done an okay job of surviving, but we've got a new problem, we're all going a little nuts from being so bored.

(After Daley and Nathan joke with Jackson)

  • Daley: Cool down.
  • Nathan: Dude, we were just kidding.
  • Jackson: Don't "dude" me!

  • Jackson: You said I don't belong at your school because I come from a "totally different world."
  • Nathan: But I didn't mean it!!

  • Jackson: You never know what guys like me are gonna do.

  • Eric: Hey Nathan? Watch you're back.

  • Taylor: If you keep this up, the only thing your gonna feel is my foot on the side of your head.

Eight is Enough edit

  • Eric: Hey, I think someone else is on the island besides us.

(after finding a necklace in the plane)

  • Melissa: Is it yours?
  • Taylor: I wish...I mean...yeeessss!

  • Melissa: You are so unfair!
  • Daley: You are so juvenile!
  • Melissa: I can't believe you just said that...
  • Daley: I can't believe you're such a baby.

  • Melissa: What if I don't wanna be in your group?
  • Daley: Oh puh-leeze, will you stop being such a baby?!!
  • Melissa: Stop being so.. bossy!

  • Jackson: Hey, what's up between you and Daley?
  • Melissa: Nothing. Except I totally hate her right now.
  • Jackson: Glad it's nothing.

(Eric, Jackson and Melissa find a footprint)

  • Jackson: It's a girl, or a really small guy.
  • Eric: Or a big guy, with creepy small feet.

  • Abby: Daley!
  • Daley: Yeah, Taylor, I'm over here!
  • Abby: Daley!
  • Daley: Taylor, I'm over here!
  • Abby: Daley!
  • Melissa: Wait...I don't think that's Taylor.
  • Melissa and Daley: Abby!

Abby Normal edit

(Melissa sees Jackson and Abby talking)

  • Melissa: Are you two flirting?!
  • Eric: If there's flirting going on, I should be involved!
  • Jackson: (sarcastically) You're not my type.

Until Proven Guilty edit

  • Eric: Don't worry. My lips are sealed.
  • Daley: His lips are so not sealed

  • Daley: I'm here to defend my brother, and find the truth.
  • Taylor: But...I thought we were looking for the tapes!

  • Daley: ...because as we all know, you can't play the tapes without the camera.
  • Taylor: (to Melissa) Is that true?

  • Jackson: (interrupting Eric's annoyingly 'elaborate' speech) Eric?
  • Eric: What?
  • Jackson: Get over yourself.

  • Eric: The secret...was about you, Jackson!

(It has just been revealed that Eric knows a secret about Jackson and thinks the whole island should know)

  • Jackson: Lex. Get the tapes.
  • Lex: (shocked) Jackson...no...
  • Jackson: Just get the tapes.

Scratch edit

  • Daley: Can you feel the electricity in the air?
  • Taylor: No, but I can feel this harpoon in my foot!

  • Melissa: Jackson...he's gone.
  • Nathan: Good. He's a murderer anyway.

  • Nathan: Daley just saved my life. I soooo owe you.

  • Lex: The lightning's awesome!
  • Eric: Yeah? Go play in it! Give us a little more room to breathe!

(He then pulls out a water bottle, which falls on Jackson, who sits up quickly, now fully alert)

  • Eric: Shh, go back to sleep. This is all a dream.

  • Taylor: What do we do?
  • Jackson: Start from scratch.

Season 2 edit

Look Who's Not Talking edit

  • Melissa: Guys, we have a problem. It's Taylor.
  • Nathan: What else is new?
  • Melissa: She's totally dysfunctional!
  • Nathan: That's not new.

  • Daley: We're falling apart!

  • Nathan: If I get shot down, I'd have no place to hide.

  • Eric: While they're all cramped in that dirty old tent, I'll be living large.
  • Lex: Yeah, until the next storm.

  • Taylor: (silent)
  • Taylor: (laughs out of nowhere) Ha Ha Ha Ha...Now that, is funny! (continues laughing)

(After Lex unveils a vegetable garden)

  • Nathan: So, the good news is, we're going to have a food supply in a couple of months.
  • Jackson: Bad news is, we might be here to eat it.

Groundbreaking edit

Jackson: (after Melissa reads the soldier's letter) I don't want somebody to read a letter about what happened to us 60 years from now. I want to tell them myself.

Eric:(dreaming about whats in the box)(dials imaginary phone)
Ring Tone: Please Dial Again.(Dials again) Please dial again.(Dials again) Do you even know the number?!?!
(Phone Rings)
Taylor: Hello?
Eric: The box is mine...GET OFF THE PHONE!

Taylor: Whose fantasy is this?

She Said, He Said, She Said edit

  • Lex: Nobody tells me anything

  • Taylor: There is not enough room in that grungy dungeon for me, a bunch of hygiene-impaired boys and the smell of toe jam! Build a shelter!!
  • Daley: Grungy dungeon?
  • Lex: (who is working on plans for a shelter) I really hope this works.

  • Eric: (runs up to Jackson) You, my friend, have been duped.
  • Jackson: Yeah? Why's that?
  • Eric: While you're out here, Nathan and Daley are scheming to control our lives!
  • Jackson: That doesn't sound like Nathan.
  • Eric: Just you wait, my friend. And just watch, I'll get all the bad jobs.
  • Jackson: You say that like there are good jobs.
  • Melissa: (running up to Eric and Jackson) Eric! Stop spreading rumors!
  • Eric: (to Jackson) Don't listen to her! She's in cahoots with them! (leans toward Jackson) There's a lot of cahooting going on.

  • Melissa well he almost died! isn't that enough to make you even a little stange?
  • Eric so you're saying his brains got fried.
  • Melissa yes! no! maybe!
  • Jackson i think a whole lot of brains are fried around here.
  • Eric (nodds while jackson walks away,then looks perplexed) What did he mean by that?
  • Melissa (melissa looks at eric with a "how stupid are you" look)

The Uninvited edit

  • Eric: (to Melissa) I guess...you're the only one who knows I have a pet iguana at home.
  • Melissa: (glares) You owe me.

The Tide edit

  • Taylor: Just pretend I'm not here!
  • Daley: Trust me, I've tried. Doesn't work.
  • Eric: Have fun. Oh, and uh, watch out for the wild boar.
  • Taylor: Wild Boar? Nobody told me anything about killer pigs.
  • Jackson: You'll be fine.
  • Eric: I'm charmed.
  • Nathan: I watch out for everybody. Not just me.
  • Eric: Wow, you're my hero.

Where There's Smoke edit

(Taylor's trying to scrub the sand off the solar panel when there's a rustle in the bushes)

  • Taylor: Ack!
  • Jackson: Hey! It's me!
  • Taylor: Why were you sneaking up on me?
  • Jackson: I'm not. I was actually here first.
  • Taylor: Oh. What are you doing?
  • Jackson: just...uh...getting some space. Why, what are you doing?
  • Taylor: I have no idea. I don't. I think I drowned this.
  • Jackson: Oh. Let me see it.
  • Taylor: Is it broken?
  • Jackson: No. I'm sure it's fine.
  • Taylor: I'm gonna hear so much grief for this.
  • Jackson: Daley's not cutting you any slack, is she?
  • Taylor: You wanna know the worst part? I don't even blame her anymore. I am messing up. And I'm trying, I really am, I'm just...failing.
  • Jackson: All you can do is be yourself, and if Daley can't deal with that, that's her problem.
  • Taylor: That's easy for you, isn't it? I'm not criticizing, but, it's easy to be yourself when nobody really knows who you are.
  • Jackson: Okay. I'll let you know something about me.
  • Taylor: (as Jackson pulls a guitar out of the bushes) I was wondering where that went. Is it yours?
  • Jackson: No, I think it's the pilot's.
  • Taylor: I play too, you know.
  • Jackson: Guitar?
  • Taylor: No. Cello.
  • Jackson: Really? That's...um...different.
  • Taylor: well, I'm really good. Are you?
  • Jackson (starts playing.) I'm a stranger in a strange land. And I'm a million miles from my home. And...That's all I've got.
  • Taylor: Did you write that? Jackson! you are...so full of surprises!

Home Sweet Home edit

Chilloween edit

  • Eric: Chillo-what?

  • Melissa: Isn't it great that Taylor thought up this Chilly-weenie thing?

  • Jackson: Holidays. I don't know what it is, but they really bring out the best in people...or the worst...or both.

  • Taylor: Look, everyone here is good at something. Nathan's eager and strong.Daley's perfect...sort of. Lex is a genius. Melissa keeps us all together. Eric's a rat, but he's good at it. You're like some kind of Yoda. And...then there's me. I don't have a whole lot to offer.
  • Jackson: You know that's not true.
  • Taylor: It is. But, there is something I'm good at. I know how to throw a party and have fun. And that's just what I'm gonna do.
  • Jackson: Chilla-what is it again?
  • Taylor: Ween. Chill-o-WEEN.

Regrets edit

  • Melissa: (in tears) If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here.
  • Jackson: Mel, it was my choice to come here. And besides, if I knew then what I know now, I'd still be here. (Pause.) Although, I'll pass on drinking the bad water.

The Drift edit

Eric: I think we should build...a little raft. For 2 people. Maybe.

Good Luck Abby edit

Daley: So...um, what I said yesterday about being glad that your here was absolutely true.
Nathan: Yeah, then you kissed me.
Daley: Right. But...you know put it into context - we nearly drowned.
Nathan: And you kissed me.
Daley: It was a spontaneous reaction.
Nathan: It was an hour later.
Daley: It was on the cheek! Look Nathan we're friends okay - good friends. This adventure has really brought us together.
Nathan: Yeah, that's true...you kissed me!

One Breath Away edit

Abby: Daley, we are one breath away from disaster.

See Ya edit

Jackson: See ya soon, but if not, I'll see ya later.

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