Final words in Mario media

The Mario franchise is a video game franchise created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo. The franchise originated with the title character's debut in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. Over 200 games are included in the franchise, and together they comprise the best-selling video game franchise of all time. The series depicts the eponymous jumping plumber as he rescues Princess Peach from capture by Bowser.

This page highlights the final words spoken by characters prior to being defeated or thier death, be they ally or antagonist.

Mario 64Edit

  • Whaaaaa...what? Can it be that a pipsqueak like you defused the Bo-Bomb King???? You might be fast enough to ground me, but you'll have to pick up the pace of you want to take King Bowser by the tail. Methinks my troops could learn a lesson from you! Here is your Star as I promised Mario."
    • King Bo-Bomb after he is defeated and before exploding into a Power Star. Although later games feature King Bo-Bomb, this may be a different character.
  • "No! Crashed again! I'm just A sterling stone afterall. I won't gravel, er, grovel. Here, you win. Take this with you!"
    • Whomp King after he is defeated.
  • Brr! I was a bit careless! This is not as I had planned...but I still hold the power of the Stars and I still have Peach. Bwa ha ha! You'll get no Stars from me! I'm not finished with you yet, but I'll let you go for now. You'll pay for this...later!"
    • Bowser when defeated for the first time (in the Dark World.
  • "Grrrramble! What...happen? We...crushed like pebble. You so strong! You rule ancient pyramid! For today...Now take Star of Power. We...sleep...darkness..."
    • Eyerok upon being defeated.
  • "Uoowah! Cannot be that I've lost??? The power of the Stars has failed me...this time. Consider this a draw. Next time, I'll be in perfect condition. Now, if you want to see your precious Princess again, come to the top of the tower. I'll be waiting! Gwa ha ha ha!
    • Bowser being defeated for the second time (Bowser in the Fiery Sea).