Final Fantasy IV

1991 video game

Final Fantasy IV is a role-playing game developed and published by Squaresoft in 1991. Since its original release, it has been ported to PlayStation, Wonderswan, Game Boy Advance, and most recently, Nintendo DS.

Cecil Harvey

  • I'm a coward... A coward who cannot even defy orders he knows he ought not follow ...
  • I guess it's my fate as a dark knight. Soon, I won't even feel any remorse for my actions.
  • I thought I heard my brother's voice... he said farewell.
  • Zeromus...this is the end for you, not us!
  • Damnation!
  • You're not the only one who's grieving! Anna would not want to see you fawning like a fool!
    • to Edward

Kain/Cain Highwind

  • I'm sure his Majesty has his reasons...
  • Confident bastard, aren't you?
  • I've betrayed no one, Barbariccia. I've simply come to my senses.
  • To Valvalis: "Think you're the only one who can fight in the air?"
  • Allow me the honor of slaying Cecil instead of Scarmiglone.
  • He may be a Prince though his mouth betrays his nature.
    • on Edge
  • Makes me laugh.
    • on Dr. Lugae


  • You spoony bard! ("Spoony" is an archaic word meaning "foolish" or "sentimental")
  • I don't need anyone's help in my own affairs!
  • I shall avenge Anna with Meteor!
  • [to Cecil after he pleads with Tellah not to avenge Anna's death alone] She was not your daughter! Her killer will die by my hand!
  • You must have been used by the Baron while you were amnesiac.
  • [to the party after they ask him to reconsider casting Meteor on Golbez, as it would most likely kill him.] So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!
  • I brought this... on myself... letting hate consume me so... please... avenge... Anna...

Rosa Farrell

  • The Cecil I know would never whimper like this! The Cecil I love...
  • Cecil of the Red Wings is many things... but he is no coward. Not the Cecil that I love...

Yang Fang Leiden

  • Lure the enemies here, then... Smash 'em!
  • Ooh, time for training!
  • That was a battle of extraordinary magnitude!
  • Achoooooooooooooo!


  • Grown-ups. They like trouble!
  • Geez. Why are adults so pigheaded?
  • Be thankful that the Mysidian genius Palom is going to help you!
  • Your goody-two-shoes attitude is gettin' old.


  • That repulsive brat is my twin brother, Palom.

Edward (Edge) Geraldine

  • Don't speak of shame!
    • to Rubicante
  • Don't forget handsome, and really skilled!
    • after Kain calls him "slick"
  • Sweet! Not one, but two babes in the party.
  • You think our rage... a weakness? Then let me show you how wrong you are!
    • to Rubicante

Cid Pollendina

  • He ordered me to make an airship, but I don't want it used as a weapon!
  • Ahh, go shave your ears! Doggone...
  • Never fear! Me and my Enterprise will fill your share!
  • I'll fire up the Enterprise. We'll 'venge em both!
    • to Tellah, after Palom and Porom's petrification


  • You're not the only one who's lost loved ones!
  • Crybaby!
  • [to Edward after she calls him a "coward"] You're a man, aren't you? A grown man! Stop crying! I have...
  • Weird guy!
    • on Dr. Lugae
  • This battle is ours as much as anyone's. Cecil said so himself. And having some Eidolons along can't hurt, can it?


  • Golbez: Befuddled by a woman? You pitiful wretch.
    • referring to Kain's attraction to Rosa
  • Golbez: Ignorant dotard. Have you any idea with whom you are dealing?
  • Golbez: Ha Ha Ha! That is all the power you possess? A pity. Your eyes should still be free. Open them, and gaze upon true terror!
  • Golbez: Mice are wont to play when the cat is away.


  • Zeromus: I will never long as there is darkness in the hearts of men!
  • Zeromus: You tread the path of darkness. That crystal will shed no light for you. Your hands will only stain it darker still! Die!
  • Bahamut: I see you have defeated Leviathan, but that could have been done without the power of light. I, Bahamut, shall test you.
  • Calcobrena/Calbrina/Calcabrina: We're cute! We're scary! We love to kill! Let's take their heads! Yeah! A present for Golbez!
  • Rubicante/Rubicant: I respect men like you. Men with courage. But you are a slave to your emotions, and so, will never know true strength. Such is the curse of men.
  • Rubicante/Rubicant: Allow me to show you real flame!
  • Rubicante/Rubicant: Was it flame? I will show you how!
    • Rubicante, the Fiend of Fire, says the above lines to Edge, after Edge attempts a fire Ninja Magic attack on him.
  • Dr. Lugae/Lugaie: What does this button do?
  • Female Troian guard: Women make far more civilized rulers than men.
  • Female Troian guard: This isn't a leotard, it's our combat uniform!
  • Girl in Troia/Toroia: Wow! Like, you're kinda cute, y'know? Like, you kinda look like royalty.
    • to Cecil
  • Dwarf: Lali-ho!
    • the Dwarves' rallying cry (in the Dwarven Castle)
  • Dwarf: Hi-ho!
    • the Dwarves' rallying cry (in Tomra village)
  • Dwarf: He who fights and runs away lives to see another day!
  • Dwarf: We dwarves have a saying: "Be bold. But if things look grim, run away and be bold another day instead".
    • The above phrase as it appears in the DS version.
  • Dwarf: Fat Chocobo? You're rude! Here it's the bird of the gods!
  • Dwarf: Fat Chocobo!? Blasphemer! He is known here as the Godsbird.
    • The above phrase as it appears in the DS version.
  • Dwarf: He really put on the drills! He's great, Lali!
  • Dwarf: I am a farmer.
  • Shopkeep: I've not seen you before. Are you...local?
  • White Mage: Hi. I was just wondering if you knew how much we've suffered because of you. Good day.
  • Young Villager: I can't stop thinking about dark knights! They're cool, and by cool, I mean totally sweet!
  • One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises high up in the sky to the still land. Veiling the moon with the light of eternity, it brings another promise to Mother Earth with a bounty and mercy.
    • The Mysidian Legend (SNES version).
    • In the Playstation version:
      One born of a dragon,
      bearing darkness and light,
      shall rise up to the heavens
      over the still land.
      Bathing the moon in eternal
      light, he brings a promise
      to Mother Earth with bounty
      and grace.
    • In the Nintendo DS version:
      Birthed from womb of Dragon's maw
      And borne unto the stars
      By light and darkness cast aloft
      Are dreamtide oaths resworn
      Moon is swathed in ever-light
      Ne'er again to know eclipse
      Earth, with hallow'd bounty reconciled
  • Kluya: (Speaking to Cecil after he has seen he cannot fight his past)
    • SNES: Justice is not the only right in this world...some day, you will see.
    • PS1: Some fight for law...some fight for justice...Cecil, what will you fight for?



[both Tellah and Cid are over 50 years in age]
Tellah: Who's this old fart?
Cid: Look who's talking!
Tellah: You bug-eyed stinker!
Cid: Ahh, go get your walker, y'fossil!

[as Edge joins the party]
Edge: [to Rosa] Thanks, girl, you are cute, too! [to Cecil and Kain] Right, men, let's go!
Rydia: Give me a break.

King of Baron: I see you have become a Paladin, but I do not like that. That is not good, Cecil.
Cecil: King Baron?
King of Baron: Baron? Oh yes, that was the fool who refused to surrender!
Cecil: What have you done with the king!?
King of Baron: Would you like to go and see him, that king of yours? You'd best not mistake me for another Scarmiglione. How one as weak as he came to be crowned an archfiend is something I will never know. Mwa ha ha!
Cecil: Then you're one of them!
[the King of Baron reveals himself as Cagnazzo]
King of Baron: Behold! I am the Drowned King, Cagnazzo--archfiend of water and sworn servant of Golbez!

[after Cecil hands Golbez the Crystal of Earth and demands Rosa's safe return]
Golbez: Rosa? What are you talking about?
Tellah: Foul Traitor!
Golbez: I have no business with you, old man.
Tellah: But I do! This is for Anna!

Edge: Go on, be a good girl and get off the Big Whale.
Rydia: Think it's sweet of you to say that, hotshot?

[after finding the Falcon]
Rydia: It's not yours.
Edge: That's okay, it would be happy to be used by us!

Yang: I am honored to meet you, sir.
Cid: Well, at least HE knows some manners!

Cecil: You again.
Scarmiglione: Our master Zemus...
Cagnazzo: ...gifted us with life...
Barbariccia: rob you of yours!
Rubicante: How I yearned for this! When last we met, you taught me a great truth; that many are more powerful than one! I'll restore you to full strength. Now, show us what power you possess!

[the exchange between Tellah and Edward leads to a combat scene]
Tellah: You swindler!
[Tellah attacks Edward, who does not fight back.]
Edward: Please! Listen!
Tellah: You spoony Bard!
[Tellah attacks Edward again, who does not fight back.]
Edward: Please!
Tellah: Shut up!
[Tellah attacks Edward again, who does not fight back.]
Edward: Listen!
Tellah: Shut your mouth!
[Tellah attacks Edward again, who does not fight back.]
Edward: I...I...
Anna: Stop!

[battle with the Magus Sisters]
Sandy: Now you got it!
Cindy: Come on, Mindy!
Mindy: Here it goes!
Magus Three: DELTA ATTACK!

Dr. Lugae: Go, Barnabas! Crush everyone to bits!
Barnabas: Uhhhhgn!
[Barnabas attacks Lugae]
Dr. Lugae: YEOW! Not me, you big oaf!

[Golbez and Fusoya's Battle With Zeromus]
Zeromus: I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by Zemus's unbridled hate. I am He who is called Zeromus... I am He who knows naught but hate!
Fusoya: No! Death only fueled the evil within him!
Golbez: Zemus, no, Zeromus! This time, I will finish what I set out to do!.
Fusoya: Zeromus, Begone!
[The battle begins and Golbez and Fusoya each cast Meteor, with no effect]
FusoYa: It's not working! Golbez, use the Crystal.
[Golbez uses the Crystal, shedding its light upon Zeromus to no avail]
Zeromus: You tread the path of darkness. That crystal will shed no light for you. Your hands will only stain it darker still! Die!
[Zeromus casts Meteor on both Golbez and FuSoYa, wounding them both]
[Note: This dialogue is a mixture of the American Release of Final Fantasy II (1990) and the remake of Final Fantasy IV for PSX]
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