Final Destination 2

2003 film directed by David R. Ellis

Final Destination 2 is a 2003 horror film, and a sequel to Final Destination. After the events of the explosion of Flight 180, a girl has a premonition of a highway pile-up, and saves seven other people from it. However, they soon begin to die in odd accidents. She seeks help from the last remaining survivor of Flight 180 to stop Death's plan.

Directed by David R. Ellis. Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber.
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Kimberly Corman

  • If Clear was right, that means Nora and Tim are going to be killed by pigeons!
  • I know what I have to do to save us. I have to die.


  • TV Host: Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary since Velez Air Flight 180 exploded and crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK airport. It's a disaster that's affected many. None more so than Mt. Abraham High School, which lost 40 students and 4 faculty members in the crash. But it was the events after the crash that has turned this tragic story into something even stranger. The survivors that managed to get off the plane before it crashed died soon thereafter in a series of mysterious and bizarre accidents. Now to some, these deaths are just tragic coincidences, but to others, they're an indication that there are more sinister events taking place. That's the contention of tonight's guest. Thank you for joining us this evening.
  • TV show's guest: I believe that there's a sort of force, an unseen malevolent presence that's all around us every day. And it determines when we live and die. And some people call this force the devil, but I think the whole religious thing is... So I prefer to call it Death itself. ... And that's what I want people to understand, that Death has this grand design that we all fit into. ... The only way to survive is to look beneath the visible world, because in the end, no one can escape death.


Thomas Burke: Listen, I know you've gone over all this with Detective Suby, but would you mind telling me what happened?
Kimberly Corman: It was like I was there. I knew something bad was going to happen, even before it did. I just felt wrong, just like...
Thomas Burke: Just like what?
Kimberly Corman: Look, I know this sounds crazy but... you guys all heard about Flight 180, right? The kid who got off the plane? Well, it happened a year ago, today. My premonition was just like his.

Kimberly Corman: Look, please... if you know of anything that could help us, what harm could it do?
William Bludworth: Only new life can defeat Death.
Thomas Burke: What the hell does that mean?
William Bludworth: Some people say there's a balance to everything. For every life there's a death, for every death, there is a life. But the introduction of life that was not meant to be, that can invalidate the list, force Death to start anew. You have to follow the signs... Kimberly.
Kimberly Corman: How do you know my name?

Kimberly Corman: Clear Rivers? [Kimberly slowly walks to Clear.]
Clear Rivers: Don't come any closer. [Kimberly stops] They told me, you have something to do with the crash on Route 23?
Kimberly Corman: Look, I don't know how to explain it, but I saw the pile-up before it happened. I-I've saved some people.
Clear Rivers: [smirks] And now, you think Death is after you? Nice work. Maybe if you're real lucky, you'll wind up in here with me. Anything else?
Kimberly Corman: One of the people die in freak a accident last night. What if people are in danger too?
Clear Rivers: Well if you put them on the list, you're already dead.
Kimberly Corman: List? What list?
Clear Rivers: Death's List. Survivors of Flight 180, died in the exact order they were originally meant to die in the plane crash. That was Death's original design. The list.
Kimberly Corman: I was supposed to die in that crash, with my friends. So you're telling me that I'm next?
Clear Rivers: You said someone else died last night. That means someone must have intervened.
Kimberly Corman: Officer Burke pulled me away from the crash, that killed my friends.
Clear Rivers: Congratulations, you'd have been the last to go, but don't worry once the others are dead it'll be come back for you. It always does.

Kimberly Corman: So, what am I supposed to do? Clear!
Clear Rivers: Watch out for the signs.
Kimberly Corman: What?
Clear Rivers: [Turns to Kimberly.] Have you ever seen anything creepy or ominous?, An in-your-face irony kind of thing?
Kimberly Corman: The songs on the radio... Yeah, the guy in the beer truck, everything on the road?
Clear Rivers: Well, don't ignore it. Recognizing those signs usually means the difference between life and death.

Clear Rivers: When we got off Flight 180, it didn't just change our lives. It affected everyone and everything we've come into contact with since. Being alive after we were supposed to die, it caused an outward ripple. A rift in Death's design.
Eugene Dix: So, if you had never gotten off the plane, we wouldn't be alive in the first place.
Clear Rivers: Yes, that's why Death is working backwards! It's tying up all the loose ends. Sealing the rift once and for all.

Clear Rivers: Look, we drove a long way to get here, so if you happen to know how to stop Death, it would be really great if you told us.
William Bludworth: You can't cheat Death. There are no escapes.
Clear Rivers: Bullshit! You told me Death has a distinct design. But Alex and I cheated Death, not once but dozens of times. The design is flawed, it can be beaten.
William Bludworth: Such fire in you now. People are always most alive just before they die. Don't you think?

[After Kimberly was saved from drowning]
Thomas Burke: Welcome back. They lost you for a minute there.
[Kimberly sighs.]
Thomas Burke: Hey. We did it. Thanks to you, we cheated Death.


  • It's not over yet...
  • Death is like a boomerang. It keeps coming back.
  • For every beginning there is an end.
  • Death may be closer than it appears.
  • You can't cheat death twice.
  • More Speed. More Horror. More Death.



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