Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 is a 2003 horror film, and a sequel to Final Destination. After the events of the explosion of Flight 180, a girl has a premonition of a highway pile-up, and saves seven other people from it. However, they soon begin to die in odd accidents. She seeks help from the last remaining survivor of Flight 180 to stop Death's plan.

Directed by David R. Ellis. Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber.
For every beginning, there is an end.(taglines)

Clear RiversEdit

  • [to Bludworth] Just a simple question and we'll leave you alone with your new friend.
  • [to the Skate Rat] What the fuck are you thinking?!
  • [to Eugene when he begins to leave] I'll be sure to carve that in to your tombstone.
  • Look, we drove a long way to get here, so if you happen to know how to stop Death, it would be really great if you told us.
  • Being alive after we were supposed to die caused an outward ripple. A RIFT IN DEATHS DESIGN!
  • [last words] Eugene.

Kimberly CormanEdit

  • If Clear was right, that means Nora and Tim are going to be attacked by pigeons!
  • [While explaining the Flight 180 disaster] Look, I know this sounds crazy but... you guys all heard about Flight 180, right? The kid who got off the plane? Well, it happened a year ago, today. My premonition was just like his.
  • [to Clear] In my opinion, you're already dead.
  • Look, please... if you know of anything, that could help us, what harm could it do?
  • I have this really bad feeling. It's not over yet.
  • I know what I have to do to save us. I have to die.

Thomas BurkeEdit

  • [Questioning Kimberly on what happen] Listen, I know you've gone over all this with Detective Suby, but would you mind telling me what happened?
  • [Remembering his last event] That's the night I scraped up Billy Hitchcock.
  • That won't be an easy conversation to have.
  • [After coffee spills onto him] Son of a... bitch!
  • [seeing the dead body of Evan at the crematorium] That's Evan Lewis.
  • We did it. Thanks to you, we cheated Death.

Eugene DixEdit

  • You hear me, Oprah?
  • Honey, my ass is alive, has been all day!
  • [Reply to Clear] If Death has got such a hard-on for you, maybe you should get the hell away from us.
  • If I don't get back to my classroom soon, the kids'll tear the room apart.
  • [While Pointing the gun to commit suicide] escapes my ass. I control my fate. I die on my terms, hear me Reaper cocksucker?!
  • [on Death's design] So, If you had never gotten off the plane, we wouldn't be alive in the first place.

Rory PetersEdit

  • [after Burke drives past him, to himself] What? Not wearing my seatbelt. You gon' bust me, bitch?
  • Yeah, like, what if we're all getting that "Diff'rent Strokes" curse or something?
  • Damn, is that dogshit Dude?
  • [to Kat] Maybe if you shut the fuck up, we'll live.
  • The next one is in this car with us, is it really safe to be sitting next to him or her? [pointing at Kat and mouthing] Hopefully her.
  • [handing over his keys and wallet to Kimberly] Would you take these? And if I die, uhm... would you throw away my drugs...and my paraphernalia... my porno [pauses] Just, you know, everything that's gonna break my moms heart... please?

Kat JenningsEdit

  • See? This can't be happening because... my career's at a peak, I finally met a quality guy, I just bought a house...
  • Yeah. Like I'm gonna take advice from you.
  • [While Nora takes the pill] You're only supposed to take half of that.
  • So, Nora's got to bite it before me anyhow, huh? Oh, you people have no sense of humor!
  • Just find Isabella and get this thing going, okay? Go I-I'll be fine.
  • [while being freed by a Rescue Worker using the jaws of life] Could you be a little quieter with that thing, please?

William BludworthEdit

  • Come to pick my brain?
  • Only new life can defeat Death.
  • Some people say there's a balance to everything. For every life there's a death, for every death, there is a life. But the introduction of life that was not meant to be, that can invalidate the list, force Death to start anew. You have to follow the signs... Kimberly.


  • Host: [first lines] Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since Velez Air Flight 180 exploded and crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK airport. It's a disaster that's affected many. None more so than Mt. Abraham High School, which lost 40 students and 4 faculty members in the crash. But it was the events after the crash that has turned this tragic story into something even stranger. The survivors that managed to get off the plane before it crashed died soon thereafter in a series of mysterious and bizarre accidents. Now to some, these deaths are just tragic coincidences, but to others, they're an indication that there are more sinister events taking place. That's the contention of tonight's guest. Thank you for joining us this evening.
  • Shaina McKlank: [on a trucker who drinks beer] Look at that guy. He's drinking a beer.
  • Nora Carpenter: [Before her head gets decapitated] I don't wanna die!
  • Evan Lewis: Shit, I'm lucky!
  • Isabella Hudson: What do you mean "grand theft auto"? This is insane.
  • Tim Carpenter: If he gives me the gas and I wake up with my pants unbuttoned, we ain't paying.
  • Dr. Lees: [To Tim] Your mom says you've been having some pain lately.
  • Mr. Gibbons: [Telling Kim and Burke about how Brian was saved by Rory] Brian was almost hit by that news van that day in the field. And your friend Rory, he pulled him back at the last second. Saved his life.


[After Kimberly packs up her stuff at her SUV, She turns to her father.]
Kimberly Corman: Okay, I'll call you.
Michael Corman: Kimberly, are you sure you've got everything? Credit card, cell phone, Triple-A card?---
Kimberly Corman: Dad, it's Daytona, not Somalia.
Michael Corman: Alright... Fix-a-flat, road flares, sunblock, mace?
[Shaina appears and puts her stuff at Kimberly's SUV.; Shaina goes to Michael and Kimberly.]
Shaina McKlank: Condoms, whips, chains?
[Michael turns to Shaina.]
Shaina McKlank: Just kidding, Mr. Corman. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her. [laughs]
Michael Corman: Well, that makes me feel a lot better, thanks.
[Shaina enters the SUV. Kimberly and Michael pause for a while.]
Kimberly Corman: Okay.
Michael Corman: Alrighty.
[Kimberly and Michael hug.]
Shaina McKlank: [in the car] Can we go get the guys? I'm getting horny. [laughs]
Kimberly Corman: Um, okay.
Michael Corman: Go on.
[Kimberly and Michael close the back window of the SUV.]
Kimberly Corman: Okay, I'll call you.
[Kimberly enter the SUV.]
Kimberly Corman: [to Shaina] Whips and Chains? That's.. that's nice.
Shaina McKlank: Whatever. Your dad's cool.
Kimberly Corman: Yeah. [starts the SUV]
[Shaina laughs]
Kimberly Corman: I cannot wait.
[Kimberly and Shaina drive off.]
Michael Corman: [to Kimberly] Buckle up!
[As Kimberly was driving, she waves in agreement. Michael looks at the gas leak in the road and looks back.]

Dano Estevez: Oh, easy, Kimmy. First year of driving?
[She turns around and see the same bum from her premonition along with the cans which dropped from her bag.; Dano and Frankie laughed, Kimberly horrified, see the same people in their vehicles in the traffic.]
Frankie Whitman: Yo, Dano, shouldn't we, uh, help your mom?
Dano Estevez: Oh, good one man.
Frankie Whitman: Yeah.
Dano Estevez: You're hilarious.
[Kimberly turns around and see the same bus of Mt. Abraham High School with the students, chanting "Pile-up".; She was horrified.]
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
Shaina McKlank: What?
Kimberly Corman: [panicked] There's going to be a huge accident. We're all gonna die! I just saw it.
Dano Estevez: Alright, that's it. My turn to drive.
Kimberly Corman: [panicked.] No, I'm serious!
Shaina McKlank: Kim, what's wrong?
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
[Kimberly turns on her radio and heard the Flight 180 memorial from her premonition.]
Shaina McKlank: What are you doing?
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
[Kimberly sobbed and horrified, shifts the radio]
Kimberly Corman: [horrified, chanting] "Highway to Hell", "Highway to Hell".
Frankie Whitman: "Highway to Hell"?
[The radio plays "Highway to Hell", from her premonition.; She was horrified.]
Shaina McKlank: Okay, Kimberly, you're scaring me.
[Kimberly, still horrified, turns off the radio and puts her hands on the steering wheel.]
Dano Estevez: Green means go, Kimmy.
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Yeah.
[Kimberly drives her SUV to the middle of the road and stops, blocking the highway.]
Dano Estevez: Are you out of your friggin' mind?! What the hell are you doing?!
Frankie Whitman: What the fuck, Kimberly?!
[In the police car, Thomas saw the traffic and Kimberly's SUV in the highway.]
Thomas Burke: What's this?
[Thomas drives his police car to the highway.]

[In the SUV, Dano sees Thomas' police car driving to the SUV.]
Shaina McKlank: Kimberly, you just got to breathe.
Dano Estevez: [sees the police car, panicked and hides his weed] Oh shit, shit! Five-O's coming. Let's fucking roll, man!
Frankie Whitman: What?
Shaina McKlank: Oh my God.
Dano Estevez: Do you know how much fucking weed I have on me?! Huh?
Shaina McKlank: Okay Dano, just shut up! Just stay cool.
[Thomas stops his police car, while Rory sees him and hides his drugs.; Thomas emerges out of his police car, Rory sees him and acts normal.; Dano sees Thomas emerging out of the police car.]
Dano Estevez: Oh fuck, oh fuck. I'm going to jail. Fuck, I'm going to jail.
[Thomas puts on his police cap and begins walking to the SUV.; Dano acts normal.; Thomas stumbles to Kimberly and turns to Dano, who is smiling. He then turns back to Kimberly.]
Thomas Burke: What's going on here?
Kimberly Corman: [sobbing] I think there's going to be a huge pileup... I saw it. Th-th-there were bodies everywhere and... [Thomas turns back again to Dano, who is still smiling] There were logs... I saw it. It just happened.
[Thomas turns back to Kimberly.]
Thomas Burke: Alright miss, I'd like you to please step out of the vehicle.
[Kimberly emerges out of her SUV.]

[In the traffic, Evan gets intolerant while honking his car horn.]
Evan Lewis: [anxious] Just pull over!
[In Isabella's van, She comforts her baby.]
Isabella Hudson: I know, Mommy's hungry too. [looks at the traffic and honks her horn.] Come on.
[In Kat's SUV, She gets intolerant.]
Kat Jennings: Come on!
[In Isabella's van, She gets intolerant.]
Isabella Hudson: Oh, fuck this. [begins emerging out her van, turns to her baby.] I'm going to get this and we're going to go.
[Evan gets anxious and gets out of his car.; Eugene stops his motorcycle, removes his helmet and gets intolerant]
Eugene Dix: Fuck.
[In Nora's car, she and Tim see the traffic.]
Nora Carpenter: What's going on up there?

Isabella Hudson: Excuse me!
[Kimberly and Thomas turns to Isabella and Evan approaching them.]
Isabella Hudson: Is there any way that we could drive around? I have a delivery---
Thomas Burke: You need to get back into your vehicles.
Evan Lewis: Just move it---
Thomas Burke: Now!
[Kimberly sees the log truck from her premonition.]
Kimberly Corman: That's it!
[Thomas turns to the log truck.]
Kimberly Corman: [points to the passing log truck] Th-that's the truck that's going to kill everybody. You need to stop that truck!---
Thomas Burke: I told you again, you have to calm down!
Kimberly Corman: Why won't you listen to me?!
[A crash is heard. Kimberly, Thomas, Shaina, Dano and Frankie turn around and see the pile-up happened in the highway, just like in Kimberly's premonition.; Nora and Tim saw the pile-up.]
Tim Carpenter: Fuck!
Nora Carpenter: Oh my God!
[Thomas rushes to his police car and grabs the radio and responds it.]
Thomas Burke: [responding] This is unit 13 requesting medical assistance and backup for a major traffic accident in the Route 23 highway...
[Shaina looks at Kimberly, scared. Dano and Frankie turns to Kimberly.]
Shaina McKlank: [scared] Kimberly, what's going on?
[Kimberly sees the sign that reads "Next 180 feet".; Kimberly turns around and see the truck that killed her in the premonition, until Thomas pushes her away.; Shaina, Dano & Frankie turn around and see the truck horrified as it crashes through Kimberly's SUV and incinerating it, killing Shaina, Dano and Frankie.; Kimberly and Thomas get up and sees the crash, Kimberly begins to cry.]
Kimberly Corman: [crying] No!..., No!
[Kimberly was still crying until Thomas comforts her.]

[Tim is reading a book in his bedroom.; Nora knocks at the door.]
Tim Carpenter: Come in.
[Nora enters.]
Nora Carpenter: Hey buddy, I want you to drink this so you can get some sleep. [hands Tim draught.] And then tomorrow, it's off to the dentist, which I know you love. Now get some rest.
[Nora kisses Tim on the forehead, and begins to leave.]
Tim Carpenter: Mom?
Nora Carpenter: [turns around at door] Yeah?
Tim Carpenter: Do you think those guys were us today?
Nora Carpenter: Yeah. Some people just need some serious rewiring, that's all. Lights out.
[Nora turns the light off and leaves. Tim lies down and sleeps.]

Kimberly Corman: Clear Rivers? [Kimberly slowly walks to Clear.]
Clear Rivers: Don't come any closer.
[Kimberly stops.; The door closes.]
Clear Rivers: They told me, you have something to do with the crash on Route 23?
Kimberly Corman: Look, I don't know how to explain it, but I saw the pile-up before it happened. I-I've saved some people.
Clear Rivers: [smirks] And now, you think Death is after you? [fakes her smile] Nice work. Maybe if you're real lucky, you'll wind up in here with me. Anything else?
Kimberly Corman: One of the people die in freak a accident last night. What if people are in danger too?
Clear Rivers: Well if you put them on the list, You're already dead.
Kimberly Corman: List? What list?
Clear Rivers: Death's List. Survivors of Flight 180, died in the exact order, They were originally meant to die in the plane crash, That was Death's original design. The list.
Kimberly Corman: I was supposed to die in that crash, with my friends. So you're telling me that I'm next?
Clear Rivers: You said someone else died last night, That means someone must have intervened.
Kimberly Corman: Officer Burke pulled me away from the crash, that killed my friends.
Clear Rivers: Congratulations, you've been the last to go, but don't worry once the others are dead it'll be come back for you. It always does.
Kimberly Corman: Th-this doesn't make sense. You said that you die that you originally meant to. But my friends die the last of my premonition, not first.
Clear Rivers: Wait...died last?...backwards. [turns to the newspaper clippings of Flight 180.] Are you sure?
Kimberly Corman: In my premonition, that Nora woman and her kid died, then Evan, then me and my friends. Why is this happening to me?
Clear Rivers: That's what Alex used to ask himself.
Kimberly Corman: So what am I suppose to do?, Clear!
Clear Rivers: Watch out for the signs.
Kimberly Corman: What?
Clear Rivers: [turns to Kimberly.] Have you seen anything creepy or ominous?, That in your face irony, kind of thing?
Kimberly Corman: The songs in my radio? Yeah, the guy in the beer truck, everything on the road?
Clear Rivers: Well don't ignore it. Recognizing those signs, usually means it is a difference between life and death.
Kimberly Corman: You've got to help me.
Clear Rivers: I don't have to do anything.
Kimberly Corman: Bu-But you beat it.
Clear Rivers: Take a look around! What did I beat, Kimberly? If you are smart, you can save yourself, just forget about the others.
Kimberly Corman: How can you say that? You have a responsibility.
Clear Rivers: My friends are dead!, That's how i can say that! [gets a picture of Alex, lying dead, who died years ago.] And this is what happend to Alex, when I was responsible for. Get out! [presses the door button] Before you hurt me or yourself.
[Kimberly prepares to leave Clear's cell, but stops and turns to Clear.]
Kimberly Corman: Alright, you know what?
Clear Rivers: What?
Kimberly Corman: I think you're a coward.
[Clear smiles grinly.]
Kimberly Corman: Because, you hide out here, and you turned out bitter and selfish, to help any other person. In my opinion you're already dead.
[Kimberly leaves as Clear mockingly waves goodbye to her.; Clear looks at the screen, and sees Kimberly, in video, flips her off as she walks out, immediately.]

[Kimberly and Thomas drove back to her house.; Kimberly remains speechless.]
Kimberly Corman: This is really happening again, isn't it?... I hoped we'd get there and they'd be fine, and Clear Rivers was just full of shit, and Evan Lewis' death was just some freak accident... But we're all going to die, aren't we?... I'm so scared.
Thomas Burke: I know you didn't ask for any of this,... but I don't think you have it in you to quit either.
[A sun visor falls. Kimberly sees Clear walking to her.; She and Thomas turn to Clear.]
Kimberly Corman: A second one just died. A 15-year-old kid.
Clear Rivers: I hope you're ready for this.

[Kat tries to put the tape on the socket, but in vain.]
Kat Jennings: Screw this! I'm going for a smoke.
Thomas Burke: No, no, no, it's not safe out there.
Kat Jennings: So, Nora's got to bite it before me anyhow, huh? Oh, you people have no sense of humor!
[Kat leaves.; Nora begins to leave.]
Kimberly Corman: Nora, Are you okay?
Nora Carpenter: Four years ago, my husband died. Now Tim. There's nothing left for me.
Kimberly Corman: Don't say that, okay?
Nora Carpenter: If it is my time to go and be in heaven with my family, I can accept that.
Kimberly Corman: You got to trust me. We can fight this. [Nora checks her cellphone.] If we just stick together long enough for her to have her baby---
Nora Carpenter: You know what, If you'll excuse me I have a funeral to plan.
[Nora leaves.]
Kimberly Corman: Nora.
[Eugene puts the bucket down, and picks up his jacket.; Kimberly turns to Eugene.]
Kimberly Corman: What do you think you're doing?
Eugene Dix: I'm finished. I'm out.
Kimberly Corman: Y'know, Don't leave Eugene---
Eugene Dix: Look, look. I control my life, alright? Not some crazy list that Death has put together.
[Kimberly tries to stop him, but Eugene pass through her.]
Clear Rivers: I'll be sure to carve that into your tombstone.
Eugene Dix: Whatever. You may be able to scare these people, I'm not buying that shit.
[Thomas notice this and gets out of the bathroom.]
Rory Peters: Be careful, man.
[Eugene begins to leave.]
Thomas Burke: Hey.
[Eugene stops and turns to Thomas.]
Eugene Dix: What?
Thomas Burke: Even if you don't believe, [hands the phone to Eugene.] give this to Nora.
[Eugene grabs the phone and leave.]

[Burke receives the call from Deputy Steve]
Thomas Burke: Alright? Good, I got it. Thanks. [hangs his phone and turns to the other] They found the van. Isabella's being held at the Greenwood Lake sheriff's station.
Eugene Dix: [screaming, off-screen] I'M IN CONTROL NOW!!! I CONTROL MY LIFE!!
[Eugene enters the apartment, frightened and panicked in tears after he witness Nora being decapitated by an elevator earlier.]
Eugene Dix: [screaming and frightened] You know i will kick your ass!
Kimberly Corman: Eugene, what is it?---
Eugene Dix: [screaming] I control my life!
Thomas Burke: What happened, Eugene?---
Eugene Dix: [screaming] You hear me, you Reaper cocksucker?! [sobs]
Kimberly Corman: Calm down.
Thomas Burke: Alright, what happened? Where's Nora?---
[Eugene suddenly grabs Thomas' pistol from his pocket.]
Eugene Dix: [aiming the gun at them, frightened] Back up! Back the fuck up!
[Rory, Kimberly and Thomas stumble back in defense]
Rory Peters: [defensively] Wh-wh... whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa!
Eugene Dix: [aiming the gun; frightened] Back the fuck up!
Rory Peters: Whoa! Okay!
[Eugene frighteningly aims the gun at each of them.]
Rory Peters: Eugene, j-just... What's wrong, man? Just tell us what happened?
[Eugene was still aiming the gun]
Thomas Burke: [motionlessly] Alright, give me the gun Eugene. Give me the gun.---
Eugene Dix: No! Fuck no!
Rory Peters: Eugene you just got to relax, bro. Okay? Okay, you just got to calm down man.
Thomas Burke: Give me the gun. Give me the gun, Eugene!
Eugene Dix: [aims the gun in his head] NO!!!
Thomas Burke: No!
Rory Peters: N-n-no, no, no, no, no! Eugene, don't do it! Don't do it!
Eugene Dix: [aiming the gun in his head] I ain't going out like that!
Thomas Burke: Hey! Hey!
Rory Peters: Eugene! Eugene! No!
Eugene Dix: [aiming the gun in his head] ...On my terms!
Kimberly Corman: Oh my God!
Eugene Dix: You hear me you mo--?! [pulls the trigger but it doesn't shoot]
Rory Peters: God!
[Eugene tries to shoot again repeatedly but to no avail. Thomas silently grabs his pistol and Roy consoles Eugene as he cries.]
Kimberly Corman: [to Thomas] Y-you don't keep it loaded?
[Thomas checks his pistol and it still has all the bullets loaded.]
Rory Peters: Maybe they're all duds.
Thomas Burke: Six in a row? Never. That's impossible.
[Clear and Kat appear, drenched in Nora's blood.]
Clear Rivers: It wasn't his turn to die.
[They turn to them.]
Kat Jennings: [whimpering] Can we find the pregnant woman, now. Please?

[While driving to the hospital.]
Eugene Dix: Y'all want to hear something crazy?: It's not the first time I cheated death. A kid came to school with a knife... killed his teacher. Teacher would have been me, but I was transferred to another school two days before.
Rory Peters: That's fucking weird, man.
Thomas Burke: You want weird? Last year my partner and I were heading out when a call came in about a train wreck. Frank decided to let me handle it alone. He died that night in a shootout. If that call had come in just... seconds later, I'd be dead too.
Kat Jennings: [remembered.] Oh my God. I'm sorry. It's just?... I got one, too. Okay. So last May, I'm supposed to go and stay at this cheesy little bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania. Anyhow, there's this major gas leak that no one knows about, and all the guests suffocated during the night.
Eugene Dix: So what happened?
Kat Jennings: I don't know. I never made it. The bus I was on splattered some girl all over the road.
Clear Rivers: Was that in Mt Abraham?
Kat Jennings: [pauses] Yes. How did you know?
Clear Rivers: That bus you were on killed Terry Chaney. She was supposed to die on Flight 180.
Rory Peters: [remembered.] Hey, do you guys remember that theatre in Paris that collapsed last year and killed everybody inside? Well, I had tickets to go but one night, I'm in Paris and I'm just tripping on acid and sipping lattes and such. And then all of a sudden, this dude out of nowhere just get whacked! by this falling sign.
Clear Rivers: [guessed.] Carter.
Eugene Dix: [remembered.] Wait, wait, wait. The teacher I replaced, her name was Val Lewton. She was from Mt Abraham. She died in an explosion.
Thomas Burke: [remembered.] Shit. The call about the train wreck, that saved my life?... That was the night I scraped up, Billy Hitchcock.
Rory Peters: W-wai-wait, Wait a minute. Who are these people?
Kimberly Corman: [remembered.] The people who got off of Flight 180.
Clear Rivers: They were my friends. [to Kimberly.] Kimberly, tell us what happened?
Kimberly Corman: About a year ago, My mom and I were at the mall. I was supposed to meet her outside, but I got caught up watching this news report about some kid that committed suicide. I kept thinking, "How can you strangle yourself in the bathtub? That's... That's stupid." It felt wrong. And yet..., [felt sad.] I heard some gunshots and I ran outside. Some kids were trying to steal my mom's car. She tried to fight them off, she was a fighter, and they killed her. After the funeral I kept thinking that it should have been me. I guess everyone must think that but, I guess I was right.
[Clear holds Kimberly's hand.]

[After Clear and Eugene are killed in an oxygen explosion, Kimberly looks at her hands covered in blood.]
Kimberly Corman: Bloody hands. [realized] I-it's me! The premonitions are about me!
Thomas Burke: What?
[Kalarjian arrives with an ECG machine.]
Dr. Kalarjian: Crash cart! Let's go! Move it! [hands the machine to the orderly]
[Kimberly turns to Dr. Kalarjian]
Kimberly Corman: [predicted] Dr. Kalarjian, The ECG machine, ...
[Kimberly turns to the hospital doors, seeing the lake and the ambulance from her vision.]
Kimberly Corman: [predicted] ...The lake, The white van.
[Kimberly turns to the newsboard and walks further. Thomas runs to her.]
Thomas Burke: What are you talking about?
[Kimberly turns to the newspaper about the drowning victim who has given new life.]
Kimberly Corman: [realized] New life.
Thomas Burke: What is it?
Kimberly Corman: [turns to Thomas] I know what I have to do to save us..., I have to die.
Thomas Burke: No. No, that's crazy. You can't give up now. We have to fight this thing.
[Kimberly silently kisses Thomas' cheek and whispers to his ear.]
Kimberly Corman: [preparing her fate, whispering] Get Kalarjian.

[After Kimberly was recovered by Kalarjian from her drowning, Thomas walks to her.]
Thomas Burke: Welcome back.
[Kimberly wakes up and turns to Thomas.]
Thomas Burke: They lost you for a minute there.
[Kimberly sighs.]
Thomas Burke: Hey. We did it. Thanks to you, we cheated Death.

[At the Gibbons farm]
Thomas Burke: This is really great, Mrs. Gibbons.
Kimberly Corman: [to Mrs. Gibbons] Thank you so much for inviting us.
Mrs. Gibbons: It's our pleasure.
Mr. Gibbons: So, how are you doing Kimberly?
Kimberly Corman: Good. Yeah, um? I had a fun summer. And now, I guess things are pretty much getting back to normal.
[Thomas was ecstatic]
Mrs. Gibbons: [to Brian] Brian, I think you better go check that barbecue. [laughs]
[Brian begins walking to the grill, and almosts hits Thomas, who eats his kebabs.]
Michael Corman: [to Thomas] Hey, careful. Those things are dangerous.
Thomas Burke: Trust me. I think I've been through closer calls.
Brian Gibbons: Yeah, me too. Dad, you should tell them about, you know, the news van thing. [goes to the grill.]
Kimberly Corman: What's that?
Mr. Gibbons: Brian was almost hit by that news van that day in the field. And your friend Rory, he pulled him back at the last second. Saved his life.
[Kimberly and Thomas realized this.]
Mrs. Gibbons: You never told me that, Peter. Boy, that was lucky.
[Kimberly and Thomas turns to Brian. The grill explodes, killing Brian.]
Mrs. Gibbons: BRIAN!
[Brian's arm falls onto Mrs. Gibbons' plate, as she is screaming.]


  • It's not over yet...
  • Death is like a boomerang. it keeps coming back
  • For every beginning there is an end.
  • Death may be closer than it appears.
  • You can't cheat death twice.
  • More Speed. More Horror. More Death


Ali Larter - Clear Rivers
A.J. Cook - Kimberly Corman
Michael Landes - Officer Thomas Burke
David Paetkau - Evan Lewis
James Kirk - Tim Carpenter
Lynda Boyd - Nora Carpenter
Keegan Connor Tracy - Kat Jennings
Jonathan Cherry - Rory Peters
T.C. Carson - Eugene Dix
Justina Machado - Isabella Hudson
Tony Todd - William Bludworth
Sarah Carter - Shaina

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