Filip Dewinter

Flemish politician

Philip Michel Frans "Filip" Dewinter (born 11 September 1962) is a Belgian politician. He is one of the leading members of Vlaams Belang, a right-wing Flemish nationalist and secessionist political party.

Filip Dewinter in 2019
Press conference Presentation Islamization Index with Filip Dewinter
Renaud Camus and Filip Dewinter in 2020


  • My father has always been a Flemish fanatic, yes. He voted for the Peoples union and received magazines that aroused my interest in Flemish nationalism, but my father was not active in that field. He was not a party militant, cadres or mandatary. He was only a voter, absolutely.
  • My father was taken away during the Second World War as a work refusal. He had gone into hiding after the university in Leuven was closed, but was nevertheless caught and imprisoned by the Germans in the Bruges prison. He was eventually put to work as a forced laborer in a factory in Hamburg.
  • Vlaams Belang was pushed aside by N-VA for Open Vld and CD&V. “But the shadow of Vlaams Belang still hangs over the Flemish government's initial bill. Linking the integration exam to a residence permit, for example. Or a separate social security for foreigners. We've been convicted for that. They called it racism back then. Now the traditional parties are taking it over.
  • The demise of Afghanistan could have an impact on our security. Leaving jihadists and Taliban supporters undisturbed is completely irresponsible.
  • Where the Taliban in Afghanistan previously used Chinese Kalashnikovs, the terror organization now has American M4 and AR-15 rifles at its disposal, modern weapons with which Islamic terrorism can now not only equip itself on site, but which can also be used in the training of terrorists. The Taliban should thank the US military for the $83 billion it spent over 20 years building and equipping the Afghan army.
  • Taliban members and sympathizers should be tracked down by the police and deported, including through online monitoring and local neighborhood searches, Detection will also have to take place when the expected waves of migration from Afghanistan will start.
  • While in 1960 barely 7% of the Antwerp population had an immigration background, in 2021 this has evolved to 59.7% of which the vast majority has a non-European background: 39.6% of Antwerp residents are of non-European descent. Knowing that in 2020 49.4% of the mothers of newborns were of non-European nationality, the bill was quickly settled. In a maximum of 20 years Antwerp will have a majority of residents of non-European descent, the majority of whom will be Muslims. The population is moving at a rapid pace. The flexible Belgian nationality legislation has become a kind of “Fast Belgian factory”. Foreigners disappear from the statistics and officially become Belgians, but of course ensure the further multiculturalization of Antwerp. Along with the ethnic transition, a cultural shift is also taking place, with all its consequences. The native Flemings and their culture and way of life threaten to become a minority in the long run, ripe for the reserve…
  • I say to Everyone, if you can find the Quran anywhere, Buy it and read it, then you will know what your fate will be, as a kafir, as an unbeliever if they ever get to rule! Realize that in nineteen four, five thirty-six, when National Socialism was not yet in power, people could already know perfectly what Hitler and his NSDAP would do, they just had to read Mein Kampf, it was all there... Well it's also in the Quran, so you shouldn't ban the Quran, you shouldn't tear the Quran apart, you shouldn't burn the Quran, you should read it!
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