Feroze Gandhi

Indian politician and journalist (1912-1960)

Feroze Gandhi (born Feroze Gandhy; 12 September 1912– 8 September 1960) was an Indian freedom fighter, politician and journalist.

The marriage ceremony of Feroze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, March 26, 1942 at Anand Bhawan, Allahabad.

Quotes about Gandhi

  • Feroze was furious, to say the least. He fought her with all means, through the press, via other politicians and face-to-face with her over the breakfast table at Teen Murti. According to Janardan Thakur, well-known political correspondent: ‘It was her husband who perhaps first called her a “fascist”, way back in 1959 when she was Congress President, Indira Gandhi had been lobbying hard for intervention in Kerala and Feroze had taken a stand against it. He thought it was undemocratic to dismiss an elected government, whether it was a communist government or otherwise. The issue had come up at breakfast table at Teen Murti, and there had been quite a row between Indira and Feroze, with Nehru looking on very distressed. “It is just not right,” Feroze had said, “you are bullying people. You are a fascist.” Indira Gandhi had flared up. “You are calling me a fascist. I can’t take that.” And she had walked out of the room in rage.’
    • Bertil Falk - Feroze_ The Forgotten Gandhi-Roli Books (2016)

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