Feng Shih-kuan

Taiwanese politician
Feng Shih-kuan

Feng Shih-kuan (馮世寬; Féng Shìkuān; born 25 November 1945) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). He was the Minister of National Defense in 2016-2018.


  • Anyone (including retired ROC generals) would have stood up under that circumstance (during PRC national anthem) or it would be impolite.
  • Because the two sides of the Taiwan Strait (Taiwan and Mainland China) are not at war at present, we should accept them (People's Liberation Army military aircraft to land in Taiwan due to mechanical failure) out of humanitarian concerns.
  • As the DF-16 is released (by the People's Liberation Army) at a high altitude and targets a single area (in Taiwan), we are able to counter the missile as it passes through the atmosphere.

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