Fathi Hassan

Egyptian artist

Fathi Hassan (born May 10, 1957) is an Egyptian artist known for his installations involving the written word.

Fathi Hassan, 2014.

Quotes about Fathi Hassan

  • These saints look at nothing, as if facing the ideality of a timeless space and therefore without the sound of worldly looks. They condense, within their peoples, the condition of absolute suffering of a culture, the African, profound and highly symbolic, open to the fluidity of a sentiment suited to the absolute and not to the precariousness of everyday life. (Achille Bonito Oliva)
  • His black saints, facing a timeless space and without noise, fix nothing, expressing the absolute suffering of African culture, deep and highly symbolic and solemn elephants adorned with red are exposed to the eyes of the world. (Giovanni Carandente)
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