Fathers' Day (film)

1997 film by Ivan Reitman

Fathers' Day is a 1997 comedy film about a woman who cons two old boyfriends into searching for her runaway son by convincing both that they are the boy's father.

Directed by Ivan Reitman. Written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. It is a remake of the 1983 French film Les Compères, written by Francis Veber.
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Dale PutleyEdit

  • For years I've thought about killing myself. It's the only thing that kept me going.


Jack Lawrence: This is the "wives of Christmas past" conversation.
Carrie Lawrence: Would you leave Penelope and Talullah out of this?
Jack Lawrence: Iris and Debbie.
Carrie Lawrence: Whatever!

Jack Lawrence: You're a tragic hero. You're Lou Gehrig.
Dale Putley: Who?
Jack Lawrence: Lou Gehrig. Everybody knows Lou Gehrig. The baseball player. He died of Lou Gehrig's Disease.
Dale Putley: Wow, what are the odds on that?

Dale Putley: How did you get her husband to talk?
Jack Lawrence: I head-butted him.
Dale Putley: How Joe Pesci of you. What are gonna do with her, run her through the Visa machine?

Dale Putley: Jack, look at this.
Jack Lawrence: It's money. I remember it from when I was single.

Nikki: Well, Scotty, you're boring. I liked you for a while, but now I can't stand looking at you. Even your voice makes me sick.
Dale Putley: That was lovely.
Jack Lawrence: Yes, Hallmark is waiting for you.

Rose: Where do you like to stay?
Jack Lawrence: My house, but it's in Los Angeles.

Jack Lawrence: What happened?
Dale Putley: He poured hot coffee all over me. Took my clothes and he ran away.
Jack Lawrence: Don't cry! Now where is he?
Dale Putley: I don't know.
Jack Lawrence: I don't like you.

Dale Putley: Do you have a boyfriend?
Woman with broken car: No!
Dale Putley: Good! Me neither!

Jack Lawrence: This kid is a major pain in the ass, he's just so damn annoying.
Carrie Lawrence: You don't like anything that's annoying.
Jack Lawrence: Who does?
Carrie Lawrence: [serious] No, I mean that's a special thing for you.


  • The reason why some animals eat their young.
  • All she said was "My son is yours." Unfortunately, she said it to both of them.
  • One kid. Two dads. A who done it.


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