Fatal Frame (video game series)

video game series

Fatal Frame, known as Project Zero in Europe and Zero (零 〜zero〜) in Japan, is a survival horror video game series consisting of five installments, a hand-held spin-off, and a remake of the second game.

Fatal Frame (2001)


Miku Hinasaki: I wonder how long it's been… since my brother and I began to see things other people can not see.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003)


Mio Amakura: Mayu! Where are you going?!

Seijiro Makabe: [in a flashback] So this is the Camera Obscura… It takes pictures of impossible things… […] What was that?! … I can't believe… So it's true… This thing is too dangerous…

Sae Kurosawa: [laughing madly] Go on! Everyone, die...

Mayu Amakura: We can't be together forever... but, with this... we can become one. ... Kill me...

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (2012)


[Cutscene — Mayu is trapped in a cell inside the Kurosawa mansion, with Mio unable to open the door from her side. Mio, wanting to free her sister, decides to try and find the key. However, Mayu is gripping Mio's hand through the square opening in the door, wanting Mio to stay with her.]

Mayu: Don't go...! I'm begging you!
Mio: But... If I don't, you'll... [starts pulling her hand back]
Mayu: [continues to grip Mio's hand tightly] I don't care! Stay here! With me! Forever!
Mio: [finally pulls hand free] Mayu!

[Mio finds Mayu locked in another room inside the Tachibana house. With a sad smile, Mayu approaches the room window, where Mio is tentatively watching her from the hallway.]

Mio: Mayu...? Ma... yu...?

[The cutscene switches to gameplay, where the player must reach through the window by holding the A button.]

[Another cutscene — Mayu gently takes Mio's reaching hand and rests it on her cheek.]

Mio: Mayu...?

[Silence, as Mayu closes her eyes. Then—]

Mayu: Itsuki and Mutsuki... took part in the ceremony. Now, it is our turn...

[Mayu opens her eyes, and Mio briefly sees her dear sister appear as Sae, no longer smiling, holding Mio's hand with hers covered in blood.]

Mio: Ah! [jumps back, pulling her hand away]

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (2005)


Rei Kurosawa: Yuu…

Rei: I thought this place was haunted. Too bad it's not.
Miku: [agreeing] Rumors are just…rumors. [picks up gear] I'm gonna load these up.

Reika Kuze: Let me sleep… forever…

Yuu Asou: [as a figment of Rei's imagination] Rei, can I help you with something?
Rei: [turning] Oh, I just wanted to ask… [finds no one there] … you…

Kyouka Kuze: You said you would come back…!

Miku: When I saw Mafuyu in that dream... I just wanted to be with him again. If I'm just going to end up forgetting him, then I want to be with...

Miku: Rei… We're going to die. [Tattoos appear on Miku's body] Now I understand. These tattoos... are my punishment for living. For living on... for surviving... that day... Ever since I was a child I've been able to see things other people can't. My brother was the only one who understood me... That's how... I know... we're going to die.

Rei: Yuu, don't go! Please! I want to go with you! You can't leave me this time!
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