Farkas Bolyai

Hungarian mathematician

Farkas Bolyai (February 9, 1775 – November 20, 1856) was a Hungarian mathematician, mainly known for his work in geometry. He was the father of János Bolyai, one of the founders of non-Euclidean geometry.

Farkas Bolyai


  • A parallelákat azon az útan ne próbáld: tudom én azt az utat is mind végig — megmértem azt a feneketlen éjszakát én, és az életemnek minden világossága, minden öröme kialudt benne...
  • No monument should stand over my grave, only an apple-tree, in memory of the three apples; the two of Eve and Paris, which made hell out of earth, and that of I. Newton, which elevated the earth again into the circle of heavenly bodies.
    • As quoted by Florian Cajori, A History of Mathematics (1893) p. 303, citing Franz Schmidt, "Aus dem Leben zweier ungarischer Mathematiker Johann und Wolfgang Bolyai von Bolya," Grunert's Archiv, 48:2, 1868.

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